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New Relic One: Deliver More Perfect Software Faster

Deliver More Perfect Software Faster

When it comes to building and operating software at enterprise scale, you have more data than ever coming in from every direction. How do you correlate and visualize all that information so that it’s meaningful to you and the way you build software?

If you want to win in today's environment, you must play offense with software. You need to make decisions faster and use your business data in ways that give you a distinct competitive advantage

We’ve built the platform to get you there.

New Relic One is the industry’s first observability platform—it’s open, connected, and programmable.

A more open point of view

Extend observability of your entire digital landscape with third-party telemetry data, log data, and out-of-the-box New Relic instrumentation. 

  • Open instrumentation. Use New Relic Metrics, New Relic Traces, and the new Telemetry SDK to gather third-party telemetry data to create an entity-centric system of record that illuminates your entire stack.

  • Distributed tracing global search. Find any trace with an attribute—even if only one service within the trace carries the attribute you care about—or search for specific distributed traces using advanced search.

  • New Relic Logs. Simplify monitoring of applications and infrastructure by gathering log data and applying analytics, visualizations, and alerts on the aggregated data set.

new relic logs ui

A fully connected experience

We apply the intelligence and visualizations you need to create meaningful connections and context between the entities that make up your systems.

  • Global search. Search across all accounts in your enterprise and across domains—from mobile to applications to infrastructure—to get clear views into the organizational structure of your system.

  • Entity explorer. Get an organized navigation layer and a unified view of every entity from every account, so you can see everything you monitor in one place and quickly zoom into what you care about most.

  • Tag API. Use New Relic’s GraphQL API to add tags to what you monitor, so you can quickly search for the systems that are relevant to the job you’re doing.

  • Service map. View entities, and their dependencies and health, across all the accounts you can see to quickly identify root causes when collaborating and troubleshooting.

new relic service map

  • Relationship API. Use the GraphQL API to retrieve entities and their relationships to speed up troubleshooting, plan integrations with confidence, and pinpoint where to optimize performance for the biggest impact.

A uniquely programmable platform

As a programmable platform, New Relic One gives you control of its fundamental building blocks. 

  • Programmable user interface. Build custom applications that connect your observability data, gathered from myriad sources—including third-party open source data—and deploy them alongside our curated experience.

programmability analyze ui

  • Dashboards. Create custom-views into the data that matters most to you, with a rich set of built-in features to make the charts within easy to understand and use. 

  • Chart builder. Use the new point-and-click query creation tool to easily query your data. It’s a great entry point into the New Relic Query Language (NRQL).

"Other tools give me data, New Relic One gives me context.” 

—Matthew B. Vaughan, Lead Software Engineer, Cox Automotive

Why New Relic One

  • One place to gather all your data. Collect data from any source and extend observability across your digital landscape.

  • More clarity and context. New Relic One draws meaningful connections within your complex sea of data.

  • Build unique applications that drive your business. Start with our curated experience and create your own apps, dashboards, and even completely custom user interfaces.

More perfect software

Try New Relic One today and start building better, more resilient software experiences.

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