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Build Your Open Source Strategy with New Relic

Open source software is critical to today’s monitoring landscape. Many IT organizations are rapidly embracing open source software. The benefits of open source for software teams include:  

  • Access to the source code of third-party services teams use in their applications
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Broad collaboration among developers and more innovation 

Open source software has also become critical to the monitoring landscape. Engineers and ops professionals use dozens of tools to measure the performance of their tech stacks, and open source software is at the heart of this tool explosion. In addition, open standards, such as OpenTelemetry, are changing how teams approach application monitoring.

Challenges with open source solutions

Though there is a proliferation of open source tools, successful navigation of the open source landscape requires a thoughtful approach. In fact, over half of open source investments have not yielded considerable total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages. Reasons for this include:

  • Many open source tools require additional infrastructure and teams with specialized skills or training. 
  • Operating these tools at scale is quite cumbersome and performance intensive. 
  • “Free” solutions lack dedicated maintenance, security, and support. 
  • Relying on multiple siloed open source tools leads to blind spots and increases user toil. 

These challenges make it difficult to realize the benefits and cost advantages that led to the adoption of these tools in the first place.

New Relic One: An observability platform built for open source

Fortunately, there’s a way to take advantage of open source solutions while mitigating their challenges. New Relic One is a massively scalable observability platform that collects and contextualizes all operational data—from any source—and simplifies instrumentation, data ingestion, exploration, correlation, and machine learning-powered analysis to support observability for every organization.

With New Relic One you get:

  • A fully managed, highly available observability platform that scales with your tech stack
  • Dependable maintenance and support 
  • Flexible data ingest from any source 
  • A single datastore for all your telemetry data
new relic one observability platform diagram

“With New Relic One we have a great opportunity to provide a single point of view for all platform-related metrics, and the Telemetry Data Platform will allow us to bring together data, across all environments, from both open source and commercial data sources that we use today.”

—Edd Payne, Director of System Engineering, Delivery Hero

new relic one open source diagram

A prescriptive approach for your open source strategy

Let New Relic One host and secure your operational telemetry data—from agent-based to open source instrumentation—so you can focus on running your stack. Specifically, you can use New Relic One to:

Integrate with existing open source solutions

  • Retain your existing open source solutions while overcoming existing limitations of scalability, availability, and performance.
  • Leverage dedicated maintenance and support systems.
  • Gain a single source of truth to innovate faster.

Rationalize and consolidate your toolset

  • Participate in a tool-rationalization exercise to strategically combine relevant data into a centralized observability platform.
  • Remove technology redundancies.
  • Improve team productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.
  • Reduce operational costs and technical debt.

Adopt open standards

  • Benefit from instrumentation ubiquity and interoperability.
  • Adopt open standards easily.
  • Take advantage of future-proofed solutions and improve team efficiency.

Why New Relic

We’re embracing open source, committing to open source instrumentation, open standards, and the open communities that support them. By partnering with New Relic on your open source journey you can minimize toil, lower costs, increase productivity, and fully realize the benefits of open source solutions that you have invested in. 

Learn more about New Relic’s commitment to open source and sign up for free access to New Relic.