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Catch problems before your customers do

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Stay ahead of issues for the full lifecycle

Simulate real user flows across every digital touchpoint—starting in dev, through QA, all the way into production. You can analyze performance and solve problems before you go live, whether they’re in the device, network, or backend.

Accelerate your debugging process

Get pointed to the location of errors and slow performing transactions in your testing and live environments. You can run a test every minute or hour based on the complexity and criticality of your site, and resolve application issues before they impact your business. With Selenium, you can simulate user behavior on development, staging, and production websites, as well as monitor your web applications.

Test your app from São Paulo

Or from London. Or from a total of 18 locations worldwide, you can test out how users will interact with your site, at any frequency. You’ll see specific errors and slow page components before your customers can find them, wherever they may be.


“Measure twice, cut once” in the cloud

See how you can use New Relic Synthetics to simulate user behaviors, before you commit to any change.


See how New Relic Synthetics works with our other products

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New Relic Synthetics + New Relic APM

Synthetic transaction traces can connect your Synthetics results to APM transaction traces. While Synthetics results capture browser-side details from each Synthetics check, transaction traces capture the activity on your app server. When you connect Synthetics to APM, you can view both sides of every Synthetics run.

New Relic Synthetics + New Relic Browser

Use New Relic Synthetics' scripted browser monitors to go beyond ensuring that your website is available, to ensuring that critical business transactions are operating correctly.

New Relic Synthetics + New Relic Infrastructure

While a monitoring solution like APM monitors the systems within your infrastructure, Synthetics will be able to enhance your monitoring capabilities by giving you visibility into end-to-end performance and degradations.

New Relic Synthetics + New Relic Mobile

New Relic Synthetics allows you to proactively monitor your website by offering browser tests, which run real, Selenium-powered scripts on your Chrome browser on your mobile device from locations around the world to ensure your content is always up, everywhere. Answers Costa Coffee

“Using synthetic monitoring for measuring availability has helped us to create some really nice KPIs around Apdex and availability.”

Carl Phillips, Director of Systems Engineering,

“This tool will allow us to have similar or better monitoring than what we currently have, with an easy to use interface and better alerting emails. We're really excited about adding this new weapon to our monitoring tool-belt.”

Todd Ross, Sr. Engineering Manager, Quality Assurance and Release Engineering

“With New Relic, I can report accurately on performance and availability with metrics that show our adherence to service level agreements.”

Keith Patterson, IT Operations Manager, Costa Coffee

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