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New Relic Announces Availability Of Real-Time Mobile APM From The End-User’s Device Through The Network

Mobile-Commerce, Enterprises and Mobile-First Organizations to Gain New Insights of App’s Performance at the Device Level to Achieve a Flawless User Experience

San Francisco - December 4, 2013

New Relic, Inc., today announced the general availability of the newest update to its groundbreaking New Relic for Mobile Apps solution. New Relic for Mobile Apps is the first and only solution to offer mobile-commerce, enterprises and mobile-focused organizations end-to-end, real-time monitoring from the device, through the network to the backend services powering the apps. Just as the winter holidays are putting pressure on mobile apps to perform well under increased traffic, today’s GA release of New Relic for Mobile Apps provides the real-time, data-driven metrics for organizations to optimize their mobile initiatives on native iOS and Android apps.

In March, New Relic unveiled a first-of-its-kind APM solution for native mobile apps. Since then, New Relic now monitors 3,700 mobile applications on more than 115 million devices for consumer and enterprise companies. New Relic previewed today’s GA release of New Relic for Mobile Apps at its first-ever technology conference FutureStack13 in October.

Key Features on the Extended New Relic for Mobile Apps:

  • User Interaction Traces – End-to-end, code-level visibility into the performance of each user interaction enables developers to focus on tuning the slowest code paths
  • On-Device Metrics – New Relic provides insight into your app's device-level data from database, CPU and memory usage to user interface (UI) performance
  • Operating Systems – Get app performance metrics for different mobile operating systems (iOS and Android)
  • Classic New Relic APM Features – This update adds New Relic features inherent in our web platform such as:
    • Custom metrics and events
    • More insight through an ongoing commitment to instrument popular libraries and SDKs


  • The extended version of New Relic for Mobile Apps is available today for Apple iOS and Android applications
  • Existing customers of the New Relic for Mobile Apps service can access the extended version at no additional charge

Supporting Quote:

"With just one touch of a finger, a transaction begins at the mobile device and travels across the country or even around the world. With mobile commerce taking a front seat for holiday giving, a five-star mobile app requires an optimized end-to-end experience for all app users. The real-time visibility New Relic now delivers for app code running on real user devices brings new levels of insight to organizations focused on improving the mobile customer experience."
- Lew Cirne, founder and CEO, New Relic

Online Resources:

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  • Read our technical blog to learn how to use all the new features on New Relic for Mobile Apps
  • Download the white paper, Revolutionizing Mobile Application Performance Monitoring
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  • Sign up here to create a free account

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