New Relic Aligns Real Time Visibility and APM Analytics With New Windows Azure Cloud Offerings

Consumers Get Immediate Insight into the Performance of Their Web Site and Native Mobile Apps

San Francisco -- Microsoft Build Developer Conference - June 27, 2013

New Relic, Inc., the software analytics platform company, today announced that New Relic customers can easily add immediate insight into the performance of their apps built on Windows Azure Web Sites, as well as mobile applications using Windows Azure Mobile Services. New Relic has aligned its all-in-one application performance management service to enable customers to add world-class monitoring of web and native mobile apps, across multiple Windows Azure services in only a few clicks.

In support of Windows Azure Web Sites, New Relic web application customers now get:

  • An optimized New Relic .NET agent designed specifically for the Windows Azure Web Sites service
  • Deep real-time insight and analytics for the performance of applications deployed on the Windows Azure Web Sites


In support of the Windows Azure Mobile Service, New Relic for Mobile Apps customers now get:

  • Real-time performance monitoring of native mobile apps
  • Support for both iOS and Android mobile apps
  • End-to-end visibility, from the individual mobile device to Windows Azure Mobile Services backend services
  • Insight and actionable data from real app users and sessions to see exactly what users are experiencing
  • The ability to monitor HTTP app errors and performance problems, which are as bad (or worse) than crashes
  • Views of performance data by geography, carrier, device type and app versions to prioritize, isolate and solve the most pressing problems
  • Constant monitoring of the health of external services that apps depend upon for success


In addition to the support for Windows Azure Web Sites and Windows Azure Mobile Services announced today, New Relic already provides real time app performance for the following Windows Azure services and solutions:

  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  • Windows Azure Cloud Services, Web and Worker Role Instances
  • Windows Azure SQL Database, available as a New Relic plugin sending real-time data to the New Relic Plugins


New Relic-Windows Azure Customers

Today, New Relic has thousands of customers building, deploying and monitoring apps on Windows Azure Cloud Services. Joint customers include ABB Marine, Accenture, Anuda Seguros, Cash Converters, Dell, Easyjet, General Electric, Hawaiian Airlines, ITesso, Lifepoint Hospitals,, Nokia and


  • New Relic Standard is available free through the Windows Azure Store for all Microsoft customers.
  • New Relic Pro is available starting at $7.99 /month/instance for extra-small shared instances.

Supporting Quotes

The shared values of Windows Azure Websites and New Relic teams have been a critical success factor for us. Both have a focus on collaborating and cooperating with their customers and offer 24x7 support with excellence. Windows Azure Web Sites and New Relic is a pure symbiotic solution with New Relic delivering performance analytics and insight for our Azure Websites and our node.js application. Selecting both was a solid "bet your business" decision for us." - Johnny Halife, Chief Architect and Co-Founder,

"With Windows Azure, customers can quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a variety of platforms. New Relic support for Windows Azure helps Windows Azure users monitor the performance and health of their applications in real-time so they can focus on building great applications rather than worrying about application and infrastructure performance." - Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Server and Tools

"New Relic's expanding support for Windows Azure services now enables customers to better manage their business presence on the Internet, and on a mobile device faster and easier than before. We share with Microsoft a passion to bring ease of use and simplicity to modern software builders. For New Relic, that means providing intuitive and actionable analytics to monitor the performance of Windows Azure applications, whether it’s a web application built on Windows Azure Cloud Services or Windows Azure Virtual Machines, a website built on Windows Azure Web Sites, or a native mobile application harnessing the power of the Windows Azure Mobile Services." - Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development, New Relic


New Relic Plugins is available today. Plugins are free to use and free to create for any New Relic account holder. They also can be shared publicly or kept private.

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