World’s First Open SaaS Platform From New Relic Lets Developers Monitor Everything

New Relic Can Monitor All Aspects of Production Environments From a Single User Interface, Giving 50,000+ Customers Instant Access to Billions of Metrics

San Francisco - June 19, 2013

New Relic, Inc., the software analytics company, is introducing a new, open and extensible APM SaaS platform for modern software builders, enabling a seamless view to monitor any technology through New Relic’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With more than 50 plugins available today, including plugins for services Amazon Web Services, MySQL, and Rackspace® Hosting, New Relic customers can discover or easily build plugins to customize the monitoring of today’s unique and evolving modern app environments.

Now, data from any component of the application stack, including database, caching, networking, queuing and PaaS/cloud services, will be available in a single location to streamline and automate workflows. Software builders can have a single, consistent interface for all the monitoring metrics of their choice. No longer will customers have to log in and out of different solutions to manage the performance of different components of their app environment.

Plugins are free to any New Relic account holder and can be published in less than a day by technology vendors or anyone in the software development community. Plugin authors use their technology expertise to establish the right set of metrics to monitor, while leveraging New Relic’s Platform, SDK, and data visualizations to provide anyone with an easy to use and powerful monitoring solution.

Key Plug In Technologies

  • PaaS/Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, Rackspace, Twilio
  • Caching: Redis, MemCache, Varnish
  • Database: CouchDB, EnterpriseDB, Microsoft SQLServer, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Web Server: Apache, Nginx
  • Queuing: Pivotal RabbitMQ, Resque

With the New Relic Plugins, customers get:

  • Single tool to monitor their entire application environment
  • Access to a large and growing library of free plugins
  • Ability to create custom plugins to monitor their unique environment
  • Visualize all monitoring data with New Relic’s first class data visualizations
  • Built-in alerting capabilities for all plugins
  • Free data storage for all monitoring data

Supporting Quotes

"We were very excited to learn that New Relic has built an open platform that allows you to easily submit your metrics into the New Relic system. We were able to quickly write several plugins that monitor various parts of infrastructure and have them alert through the New Relic Plugins. Having these plugins just makes our job faster." – Gavin Roy, Chief Technology Officer, MeetMe

"By plugging all of these technologies into the New Relic Plugins, we're able to achieve breakthroughs in solving our problems much faster. It’s like having an MRI of our applications, showing us a slice of data across all systems and making it easier for us to draw correlations." – Matthew Baird, Vice President of Engineering, Ticketfly

"We built the New Relic plugin because it was in high demand from our users. Seeing the performance metrics of your database alongside the performance metrics of the Postgres host server provides the level of insight operations people need to ensure they have satisfied users." - Tom Kincaid, VP Products and Engineering, EnterpriseDB

"Modern applications run across a wide range of software components: messaging servers, app servers, databases, caches, and more. No one vendor can provide deep visibility into all components without working with partners. The New Relic Plugins enables popular components like RabbitMQ to contribute to a complete view of performance metrics, which is absolutely critical for finding and fixing performance problems before they impact customers." - Al Sargent, Director Product Marketing, Pivotal

"We're excited that New Relic has launched their Platform to the developer community because it provides developers with the tools they need to easily add visibility into their Rackspace Hybrid Cloud services. With the Rackspace plugin available today, and more to come, our customers using New Relic can now monitor critical data from their Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers alongside their application performance data. This gives customers exceptional visibility into their entire application stack, all in one place inside New Relic's intuitive UI." - John Engates, CTO, Rackspace

"The New Relic plugin will allow Twilio customers to monitor their voice calls and SMS messages the same way they track their database reads and web traffic. New Relic can help customers gain new insights from Twilio, and better visualize and understand their use of the Twilio platform." - Jeff Lawson, CEO and Co-Founder, Twilio

"New Relic is now a software analytics platform company. We continue to build toward our vision of crafting extraordinary and beautiful products that help and inspire people to build modern software. We deliberately sought to create a way for our customers to easily build and customize a single hub to monitor the performance for the entire modern stack, however complex or esoteric. To ensure that it is available to anyone, we are offering the New Relic Plugins at no cost to our customers." - Lew Cirne, Founder and CEO, New Relic


New Relic Plugins is available today. Plugins are free to use and free to create for any New Relic account holder. They also can be shared publicly or kept private.

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