New Relic Adds Free Server Monitoring to Its SaaS APM Solution

New technology provides deep visibility into critical system resources and cloud application performance

San Francisco - November 8, 2011

New Relic today added free Server Monitoring as a core capability of its SaaS application performance management (APM) tool, giving organizations visibility into critical resource utilization as well as deeper insight into cloud application performance. This feature combines with availability monitoring, Real User Monitoring, and Application Monitoring to create an unparalleled solution for ensuring business-critical web applications meet high standards for performance and availability. Other significant features released today include application topology mapping, browser transaction tracing, support for Python and advanced SQL statement analysis.

News Highlights
  • New Relic Server Monitoring measures critical system metrics for CPU, Memory, Network Activity and Processes, and delivers them in context with application performance and end-user monitoring data in a single user interface. Users can drill down from a specific application performance issue directly to the system-level root cause.
  • New Relic users deployed in either a private or public cloud environment, such as Amazon Web Services, gain deep visibility into server availability and system resource issues affecting application performance, directly from their New Relic user interface. New Relic’s cloud partners using server monitoring can quickly address system issues affecting customer application performance and more efficiently deliver system resources to hosted applications.
  • With Application Mapping, users get a topology view of connected services and resources within the application environment to better understand the health of application objects. Browser transaction tracing enables users to collect data on individual transaction requests for better understanding of specific performance issues. Slow SQL tracking lets users identify the slowest SQL calls and presents them in a single, separate view for faster remediation.
  • With over 13,000 active accounts reporting over 25 billion performance metrics per day, New Relic’s SaaS solution is the only multi-platform, multi-language APM tool that delivers visibility into real user experiences, application performance, and web server resources in a single, all-in-one view.
  • Python support is now available from New Relic, and when combined with existing support for Java, Ruby, PHP, and .NET creates the most comprehensive multi-platform application performance management tool available today.
Supporting Quotes

“Gawker is one of the most highly trafficked news and gossip blogs – our network gets over 32 million readers every month. One of the first things I did when I started at Gawker was install New Relic. Server Monitoring allows developers and system administrators to look at the same data in the same web interface, so everyone knows what’s going on. There is less debate about the problem because New Relic has clearly narrowed the data to what’s most important. With New Relic, we can be more iterative, faster.” — Jim Bartus, Gawker Media.

"New Relic has given us deep insight into our application stack at a critical time during product development of our new Python-based content management system. As we migrate approximately 150 unique websites to one core set of Python applications, a tool like New Relic has proven invaluable to our software, QA, and engineering teams. These insights have given us the data we need to triage problems and prioritize those issues logically. We're thankful to have a partner like New Relic and their suite of tools at our disposal." — Jesse Heady, manager of software development at CMG Digital & Strategy.

"Today's application support teams are tasked with gathering, analyzing and reporting sophisticated performance data from many sources. The key to success for these teams going forward will be having APM tools that elegantly and intelligently provide or aggregate not just basic application metrics, but rather a comprehensive set of environment and system data including event management, system monitoring, database monitoring and more. Armed with this data, organizations can better determine causal relationships between the application and its components.” — Jonah Kowall, Research Director, Gartner.

“With Server Monitoring, we’ve expanded our core application performance technology to include another critical capability only six months after our release of real-user monitoring. New Relic offers in a single solution what it takes other performance vendors multiple, disparate products to provide. Our users get the most comprehensive, end-to-end view of application performance available today in a tool that just works.” — Lew Cirne, founder & CEO of New Relic.

“Modern web applications, whether deployed in the datacenter or the cloud, require the flexibility of a SaaS solution for performance management. We’re able to deliver new functionality to all customers the same day it releases, giving them immediate visibility into performance data from the actual user all the way down to the system resources. Companies are demanding even deeper visibility into both cloud and physical web application environments, and they want a single tool that can give them that comprehensive view of application heath.” — Chris Cook, President and COO of New Relic.

Availability & Pricing

New Relic Server Monitoring, App Map, browser transaction tracing and Slow SQL tracking are available today and are automatically included in all New Relic editions at no extra cost. Customers simply need to upgrade their agent to the latest release and follow the onscreen instructions for enabling these features.

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