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cloudControl Selects New Relic RPM as Web Application Management Tool of Choice for Its Customers

All cloudControl customers can now use New Relic RPM Bronze free of charge to monitor and troubleshoot their production PHP web applications in the cloud

San Francisco, California — January 20, 2011 — New Relic, Inc., the leading software-as-a-service provider of application performance management (APM) solutions, and cloudControl, a leading cloud hosting platform for PHP web applications, today announced that cloudControl is providing the proven application monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of New Relic RPM Bronze to all cloudControl customers at no cost. Additionally, cloudControl customers are eligible for discounts on upgrades to RPM Silver and Gold premium subscriptions at preferential prices in cloudControl’s Add-on Marketplace.

“As organizations continue to rely on cloudControl as a trusted platform for deploying business-critical web applications, it’s important that we provide them with the very best resources to help them be successful,” said Philipp Strube, co-founder of cloudControl. “Partnering with New Relic to enable application monitoring and troubleshooting will make it easier for our customers to deploy, maintain, and ensure superior-performing web applications.”

cloudControl’s PHP Platform as a Service solution helps developers to focus on the important part of their work — developing exciting web applications. Developers can easily deploy PHP apps on cloudControl’s platform without having to administer the underlying hardware. By partnering with New Relic, cloudControl will enable its customers to not only develop and host web applications in a high performance and scalable managed environment, but also to monitor and improve application performance.

“New Relic and cloudControl share a common philosophy that the very best solutions for deploying and maintaining web applications in the cloud should be fast, easy and reliable,” said Bill Lapcevic, New Relic’s vice president of business development. “By offering effective SaaS-based production application monitoring as part of their proven deployment platform, cloudControl is providing tremendous benefits for organizations that want manageability for the cloud while eliminating administration overhead.”

The New Relic RPM Bronze Add-on is available to cloudControl customers at no cost in the Add-on marketplace, which offers additional resources for customers wishing to scale and optimize applications deployed on cloudControl. Developers can get started right away by selecting the New Relic add-on and deploying it on one of cloudControl’s free developer accounts.

About cloudControl

Based in Potsdam, cloudControl is a leading provider of cloud hosting services for deploying PHP web apps. Their highly optimized and reliable stack harnesses the scalability of Amazon EC2. CloudControl’s solution is fully managed, completely eliminating administration hassles. And because it’s pay as you go, customers can scale up and down at any time and only pay for the services they use. Additionally, cloudControl offers their Add-on Marketplace, where customers can obtain complementary solutions for scaling and optimizing their apps. Among others, these include MySQL, Memcached, MongoDB and New Relic RPM.

About New Relic

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