Apdex Alliance Certifies New Relic’s Application Management Solution

RPM offers Apdex reporting and measurement to help improve application and business performance

San Francisco - July 15, 2009

New Relic, Inc., a leading provider of application performance management solutions, today announced that its RPM product has been certified as an Apdex compliant product by the Apdex Alliance. RPM provides Apdex metrics in application status dashboards and in detailed reports, making it easier to ensure applications are meeting end-user expectations and application performance goals.

Developed by an alliance of companies concerned with helping application providers ensure end-user satisfaction, Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an open standard that defines a method for reporting, benchmarking, and tracking user satisfaction with application performance. By specifying a uniform way to measure and report user experiences, the Apdex standard helps companies assure that their applications are meeting customer needs as well as business objectives.

"We are very pleased to add New Relic RPM to the growing list of products in our certification program," said Peter Sevcik, Apdex Alliance executive director. "RPM extends Apdex with capabilities that make it easier for application managers to understand when and why applications are not performing. As a member of the Apdex Alliance, New Relic shares our commitment to ensuring that enterprises can improve application and IT infrastructure performance, and better align business with IT."

RPM is a subscription-based performance management solution that enables IT operations and developers to quickly and cost-effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and tune performance in real time. The metrics provided by RPM allow rapid discovery and analysis of performance bottlenecks and their root causes. In addition, RPM uses the Apdex performance index to continuously score applications based on the end user’s experience. With RPM’s Apdex scoring, developers and application owners can agree upon the response time goals for each application and use a simple metric to measure whether they are achieving those goals. Furthermore, with this information, managers can quickly see which applications need improvement or investment.

"The Apdex standard provides a great way to prioritize which parts of your application should be optimized first," said Bill Harding, founder of Bonanzle, a leading online marketplace, and New Relic customer. "New Relic’s application performance management solution makes Apdex measurement practicable by providing a very coherent and readable graphical interface that lets you rapidly determine when a production application needs to be optimized. This way, you eliminate time spent creating subjective criteria and time spent measuring which parts of the app aren’t meeting that criteria."

"This standard is an important part of effective application management, and New Relic customers around the world benefit tremendously from RPM’s Apdex reporting and measurement," said Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic. "RPM provides valuable, real-time insight into application uptime, performance, and end-user response times. The certification by the Apdex Alliance provides validation that RPM offers essential capabilities for consistently improving business performance and end-user satisfaction."

About The Apdex Alliance

The Apdex Alliance is a group of companies collaborating to define and promote an application performance metric called Apdex, a numerical measure of user satisfaction with the performance of enterprise applications, and reflects the effectiveness of IT investments in contributing to business objectives. Founded in 2004 by Peter Sevcik of NetForecast, Apdex is available to any organization seeking insight into their IT investments. Visit www.Apdex.org for more information.

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