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New Relic Announces Support for Ruby on Rails Release 2.2


San Francisco - December 4, 2008

New Relic, Inc., the leading provider of Ruby on Rails application performance management solutions, today announced that its RPM Rails Performance Management tool successfully manages web applications running on the recently released Rails 2.2 version.

"Ruby on Rails is a great platform for web application development because it delivers high performance and a rich experience," said Lewis Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic. "RPM is the leading tool for monitoring Ruby on Rails applications and diagnosing performance problems. We are very pleased to help our customers as they migrate their applications to the latest version of the platform. Rails 2.2 offers many improvements in the framework that will make Ruby on Rails even more capable and more cost-effective."

"Ruby on Rails is always evolving and has over the past five years gone through some fifty-plus public releases," said David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Rails and member of the Rails Core Team. "Rails developers need the supporting ecosystem to keep up with that evolution. New Relic is proving that they’re willing to do just that by being quick to ensure compatibility with Rails 2.2."

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson and is supported by a core team of developer-committers. Rails is broadly used by the web development community because it enables rapid development of high-performing, functionally rich applications, often developed using an Agile Development methodology. Rails version 2.2 was released on November 21st, 2008. The most notable features are an internationalization framework, thread safety, easy access to HTTP caching, compatibility with Ruby 1.9 and JRuby, and new documentation. For more on Rails 2.2 visit

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