New Relic Releases RPM Lite to Bring Free, Unlimited Performance Monitoring to Rails Community

Supported Solution Helps Rails Users Identify and Fix Application Performance Bottlenecks in Real Time

Menlo Park, CA - September 16, 2008

Rails apps everywhere are now free to perform at top speeds. New Relic, Inc., a leading provider of Rails application performance software tools, today released RPM Lite, a free, supported performance monitoring product that helps developers and application managers optimize production Rails applications. Developers who use RPM Lite can troubleshoot problems fast by seeing how their applications perform, in production and in real time. The free performance monitoring service is now available to anyone for unlimited use on as many applications or hosts as they need.

Using RPM Lite to monitor their applications means developers can focus on coding-and not on parsing log files. They get deep visibility into their apps right away.

"Being without New Relic RPM was like being stuck in a traffic jam, with frustrating lane changes that led nowhere," said Ryan Boyce, CEO of "Using RPM is like speeding through the carpool lane. It’s fast and simple, and enables us to fine-tune our application for much better performance. New Relic RPM puts a comforting smile on our faces at the end of the day, while letting our operations team sleep at night."

The first free tool for monitoring Rails in production

As the Rails market matures and applications grow in traffic and complexity, developers and operations teams need tools to help them monitor application performance in production. With RPM Lite, New Relic provides these tools for free to the entire Rails community-from proven, successful application companies like 37signals, to venture-funded organizations like OurStage, to individual developers rolling out their first Rails applications. When an entire community focuses on application performance, speed and customer experience, they also promote greater Rails adoption.

"The wide adoption of any application development platform demands an ecosystem of high-quality tools and vendors," said Lew Cirne, Founder & CEO of New Relic. "With a free RPM Lite subscription, Rails developers can now deploy and maintain apps of all sizes, building in performance and scalability from the start. As Rails development and operations teams see their applications grow, they have the opportunity to upgrade to our other subscription-based offerings."

While free, RPM Lite provides several capabilities to help optimize Rails application performance in production, including monitoring:

  • Controller actions
  • ActiveRecord and database utilization
  • CPU & physical memory utilization
  • Slowest pages with drilldowns into page response time and slowest components

Additionally, RPM Lite offers subscribers the following:

  • A Real-Time Dashboard displaying the performance and availability of all your Rails applications at a glance.
  • Weekly email reports. Every Monday you get an overview of your app’s performance for the past week.
  • iPhone® access for monitoring on the go.
  • No limit to the number of hosts or applications you can monitor, or to the number of users in an account

Since RPM is provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Lite users benefit from continual maintenance and improvements. Unlike packaged software or open-source solutions, RPM Lite’s total cost of ownership is virtually zero. RPM Lite users also have access to New Relic’s online support channels.

All RPM levels support Mongrel, Thin, Litespeed, Passenger (mod_rails), and JRuby/Glassfish.

RPM Lite is available immediately.

How to Get RPM Lite

  • RPM Lite is available for free for unlimited monitoring in both production and development. Installation and setup take less than 5 minutes. Developers can sign up at No credit card or payment needed.
  • Upgrading from RPM Lite to a paid subscription provides additional features like Transaction Tracing, Automated Incident Detection, Error Tracking, and Scalability Analysis.

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