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New Relic Announces General Availability of New Relic RPM

New Relic RPM Helps Rails Developers See Performance Metrics in Real Time So They Can Fix Problems Fast

Portland, OR – May 29, 2008 – New Relic, Inc. today announced the general availability of New Relic RPM, a Rails performance management solution that helps developers see key application metrics in real time so they can isolate and fix problems fast. By offering RPM as a software-as-a-service solution, New Relic makes it easy for developers to start solving tough performance problems right away.

Rails developers can install the free plug-in in seconds by visiting Once installed, RPM immediately begins collecting critical data, enabling developers to get to the bottom of performance problems. When an application is ready for production, developers can upgrade by subscribing to RPM Production Mode.

Early adopters have turned to New Relic RPM for its ability to help their applications perform and scale. RPM shows key performance metrics in real time, displaying factors like slowest controller actions, busiest and slowest active record operations, and missing indices. Developers can also drill down to get meaningful insights into application performance, isolating problems down to the minute they occur. RPM displays automatic breakdowns of such controller response times as ActiveRecord, memcache, and rendering. Overall application hotspots appear in a single view.

"Rails developers don’t have time to dig through log files for clues to sluggish performance," said Lew Cirne, CEO and Founder of New Relic. "RPM lets them stick to what they love, which is building software. RPM is easy to use, and reveals insights you can’t find with other tools. We believe the addition of tools like RPM to the Rails community will accelerate the adoption of Ruby on Rails as a premier application development environment in companies of every size."

Since New Relic released the beta version of RPM in May 2008, nearly 500 developers from organizations like jaded Pixel (, ENTP (,, Matchbin, Mixbook, and have signed up with New Relic RPM to stop performance problems in their tracks. More than 150 active customers now use RPM in production to manage more than 2,500 mongrels.

"Using New Relic is like putting on a pair of glasses for the first time," said Sudara Williams, Founder of "I went from blurry vision and fuzzy surroundings to crystal clear, 20/20 vision. And I’ve only been using it for 20 minutes."

"New Relic allows us to perform Rails app surgery in a small fraction of the time those operations took before," said Dave Pascoe, Vice President of Operations at "Nothing comes close to New Relic RPM."

"New Relic has helped me dig into our application in real time to locate and eliminate the performance skeletons lurking in its closet," said Dave Cheney, System Administrator at RedBubble.

Reflecting the high demand for a solution that enables developers to quickly get to the bottom of tough Rails performance problems, Engine Yard, provider of the leading Ruby on Rails deployment platform, recently partnered with New Relic to offer Engine Yard customers exclusive complimentary access to RPM. Engine Yard’s decision to provide RPM furthers both companies’ mission of helping organizations develop highly stable, enterprise-level applications.

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