New Relic Delivers Distributed Tracing

Customers such as leverage distributed tracing to quickly find and resolve issues across modern complex architectures

San Francisco - July 31, 2018

New Relic, Inc. (NYSE:NEWR), provider of real-time insights for software-driven businesses, today announced the general availability of New Relic distributed tracing. Customers, such as and others, are leveraging New Relic distributed tracing to better understand the performance of applications running in modern, complex architectures.

As more and more companies increasingly adopt distributed application architectures, the ability to track the performance of a single request across all the services and microservices involved becomes essential. New Relic’s distributed tracing provides DevOps teams with the ability to trace the path of a single request to understand a complex system, discover what is causing latencies for that request, find where an error originated, and identify opportunities to optimize code to improve customer experience.


Key Features of New Relic’s Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing is an important addition to the New Relic platform, designed to give software teams an easy way to manage the performance of modern environments.

  • Automatic instrumentation to get up and running quickly – features built-in trace instrumentation for hundreds of frameworks and libraries out-of-the-box, so customers see immediate value, and avoid the toil of having to manually instrument their code.
  • Depth of detail across modern and traditional systems - the combination of distributed tracing, in conjunction with New Relic’s existing tracing functionality, is purpose-built for organizations that are in the process of transitioning to microservices environments. New Relic offers both tracing solutions in one powerful platform that delivers visibility into infrastructure, application, and customer experience.
  • Powerful analytics to quickly find root causes – DevOps teams can easily add custom attributes to traces so they can narrow problems down to individual customers, accounts, or any other dimension of their business using advanced filtering. They can also create dashboards using trace information filtered to specific attributes.
  • Delivers immediate value – New Relic’s SaaS platform delivers value as soon as the agent is deployed. There is no infrastructure to provision, secure, or run. DevOps teams can focus on delivering software for their customers, not instrumenting and building their monitoring solution.

“With our flexible, out-of-the-box instrumentation and deep performance data, New Relic’s distributed tracing empowers fast-moving DevOps teams to cut through the complexity of modern architectures,” said Nadya Duke Boone, vice president of product management, New Relic. “Our customers don’t have to choose between a solution with automatic or manual instrumentation; New Relic delivers both, integrated with all the other tools and data in the New Relic platform essential for monitoring modern software environments.”


“We’ve found New Relic’s distributed tracing to be super-easy to integrate with,” said Andrew Potter, senior developer at, a Cox Automotive brand. “With New Relic, we simply updated our agent, and all of the sudden we had distributed tracing. It was a great experience.”


Pricing and Availability

New Relic distributed tracing is now available to all APM Pro customers. To learn how to get started today, please visit New Relic Documentation. For more information, please visit the New Relic Blog.

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