New Relic Helps Global Enterprises Accelerate DevOps Success Through Measurement Across the Application Stack

Concur, Irish Distillers, and WOW air Improve Customer Experiences and Drive Digital Business Success Through Data-Driven DevOps

San Francisco - January 25, 2017

Digital intelligence leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced continued customer success by simplifying and streamlining the management of DevOps efforts. Companies of all sizes are embracing DevOps methodologies to help deliver software faster, reduce defects, and provide faster resolution of problems by making teams work together in an agile planning environment. DevOps teams, including at Concur, Irish Distillers, and WOW air are tracking and monitoring their software performance through the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform. An integrated, multi-tenant SaaS platform, New Relic provides developers and operations full-stack visibility—from the digital customer experience to the applications and dynamic infrastructure, through integrated alerts and dashboards—which can enable everyone within an organization to have a shared understanding of how software is deployed and performs in real time.

“Enterprises are moving to DevOps in order to create better quality software, faster. New Relic believes having access to the right data is the key to achieving DevOps success,” said Jim Gochee, chief product officer, New Relic. “The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform delivers full stack visibility and metrics on the impact of every change on application performance, customer experience, and ultimately business success.”

According to Mary Johnston Turner, vice president, enterprise system management software at IDC, the research firm estimates that DevOps software spending was over $1B in 2016. By delivering data in real time, New Relic provides an understanding of issues and helps everyone work together to drive the business forward, faster. New Relic’s comprehensive support for DevOps teams allows for:

● Real-time insights on the impact of every change. Improving customer experience and achieving business success is impossible without measuring the right things. New Relic allows developers and operations to see the impact every single change has on their dynamic infrastructure, their applications, and their customers’ experience. Measuring and responding to these changes enables agile development and continuous deployment. It also allows teams to connect the impact of their work to the success of the business as a whole.

● Greater collaboration across the digital team. With New Relic, everyone can have access to the same data, in real time. This visibility allows for better collaboration and more informed decisions to be made. New Relic’s powerful dashboards and alerts help engagement and communications within DevOps teams, and can even help explain how changes are impacting the business to non-technical stakeholders.

● Agile development with measurable results. With real-time data delivered from New Relic APM and New Relic Browser agents, DevOps teams can always have a view of how their application is performing. As code changes are deployed, these teams can seamlessly see the impact on performance. New Relic Infrastructure helps teams understand all the changes made across hosts, whether they are in the cloud or on premises. This full-stack visibility in combination with New Relic’s alerting platform, allows teams to quickly know whether a change is delivering the expected results or when their application metrics go beyond required thresholds, so they can immediately roll it back.

● Easy integration with your DevOps tool chain. Choosing tools that enhance the culture of a DevOps transformation is no easy task, but New Relic APIs and one-click integrations are a mainstay of DevOps groups. From deployment marker integrations with continuous integration/continuous delivery systems, to automated agent deployment in configuration automation tools, to alerting integrations in collaboration tools, logging integrations, and more, New Relic’s open platform works with the key DevOps tools a customer may choose.

Enterprise DevOps Teams Measure what Matters with New Relic

"At Concur, the focus of our transformation towards DevOps was to drive innovation velocity, operational accountability and architectural change. Through that process, New Relic data enabled our agile teams to move faster and more confidently with measurable results. New Relic empowers our developers to have full end-to-end ownership of their services. Without this level of accountability, our success in our transition towards DevOps would be much less," said Kevin Evans, vice president of DevOps and cloud services at Concur, an SAP company, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

“Having New Relic in place has really allowed my teams to embrace the DevOps model of constant, agile development. We do the two-week sprints in which the weekly email reports from New Relic play a critical role—allowing us to see not only how well new features are performing but how they’re affecting the rest of the site. We use New Relic all the way from testing and development into production—often times rolling out a feature, testing it on a certain content type, and then letting it ‘soak’ for a couple of days with New Relic monitoring. This makes it easy for us to see if things are working the way we intended,” said Pete McVicar, head of information technology marketing and sales solutions for Pernod Ricard’s Brand Companies which includes Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers, and The Absolut Company.

“New Relic is as crucial for the teams running WOW air’s IT infrastructure as the safety management system is for our flight operations. We are integrating a DevOps culture within our team and New Relic enables our developers to understand the infrastructure as they have more responsibility for it. As WOW air undertakes huge sales campaigns to fuel our growth, New Relic Alerts are shared via our Slack channel, allowing our team to stay on top of any performance issues and address them effectively so our guests have a excellent booking experience,” said Kristjan Thorvaldsson, director of Information Technology at WOW air, an Icelandic ultra-low-cost international airline.

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