New Relic Helps Leading Retailers Prepare for and Thrive During Their “Black Friday”

REI, | HauteLook, AllSaints, BloomThat, and Planet Sports GmbH Have Real-time Visibility into Their Digital Storefronts and Shoppers’ Experience During Peak Periods Through Software Analytics

San Francisco - October 4, 2016

Software analytics leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced that leading retailers including REI, | HauteLook, AllSaints, BloomThat, and Planet Sports GmbH are using New Relic to ensure their digital business reaches peak performance during the holiday season and other critical sales events, receiving real-time visibility into their storefront performance and shopper experience. New Relic’s products, in combination with the company’s Expert Services which provide best practices and training, help allow retailers to have confidence about their digital properties heading into the holiday season and see their business thrive.

Whether it’s “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” or another seasonal event, every retailer must ensure their IT systems can manage predictable and unpredictable spikes in their business. Leading retailers often spend months on the integration, instrumentation, and tuning of their web and mobile storefronts in preparation for these peak events. New Relic helps the teams responsible for these digital properties understand in real-time the availability, performance, and customer experience across their entire e-commerce stack. Beginning with a shopper’s click on the site or mobile app, New Relic provides visibility and context on the chain of events it triggers throughout the e-commerce system and third-party services. This enables a digital team to quickly identify performance issues, ensure the company is maximizing sales, and keep their customers happy.

In addition to delivering a real-time analytics dashboard that provides visibility into both the customer flow and performance across web, infrastructure, and mobile, New Relic offers a Critical Situation Service to help customers organize and prepare their team for any peak customer event such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. The service spans a range of critical success activities that include providing on-site situation assistance, on-demand resources to assist in preparation of critical performance events, custom instrumentation and extension development, and on-site training.

“For retailers, the performance of your website or mobile app has a direct impact on the performance of your business,” said Jim Gochee, chief product officer, New Relic. “With the stakes magnified for events like the upcoming holiday season, retailers who take a proactive monitoring approach can thrive and grow their sales. New Relic’s holistic approach includes tools and services that provide retailers real-time visibility into their ecommerce stack performance while helping them understand and meet their customers’ expectations.”

New Relic: A Critical Tool for Any Successful Retailer’s Digital War Room

"New Relic helps us understand the end user experience and optimize the performance of our websites so we can prepare for and deliver a great experience, even during high-traffic events. We’re thrilled to have a tool that helps us increase visibility into how each customer’s click impacts our system at a granular level,” said Todd Wilson, director platform engineering, REI, a specialty outdoor retailer, headquartered near Seattle.

“Every morning, our flash sales drive huge amounts of traffic to our site with several hundred thousand customers checking out that day's deals. We try hard to offer our customers an easy to use and reliable experience, so it’s important for us to know what’s going on in the system and New Relic delivers the data we need to always be prepared and confident going into every morning’s high-traffic events,” said Rajaraaman Muralimanoharan, director of engineering, ERP systems, | HauteLook, a U.S.-based retailer which hosts limited-time sale events.

"It is critical that our Technical Operations is receiving real time data on both the performance of our applications and the end user experience, especially when traffic loads escalate. Combining New Relic APM with New Relic Insights gives us the in-depth metrics to understand and gain an instant view into the health of our platform,” said Andy Dean, technical operations manager, AllSaints, the fashion retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom.

"The real-time data that New Relic provides allows us to predict what is going to happen during high-traffic events. With the scalability charts, we can see how our system will be impacted and prepare accordingly so we can always deliver a frictionless customer experience to ultimately drive conversions and revenue,” said Kevin Klein, CTO, BloomThat, which offers curated floral bouquets and gifts nationwide in the U.S.

“During holiday traffic spikes we depend and rely on New Relic APM, Browser and Insights. We know with one look, how the system is handling the traffic on the website, where our page speeds are for all platforms and devices, and if events, such as payment methods and pixels, are firing correctly. With New Relic we can quickly identify any weak points, get them fixed and to production in order to maximize our sales and maintain our stack stability. Without it we would be blind,” said Rob Ginda, product owner, Planet Sports GmbH, a boardsports and streetwear retailer headquartered in Germany.

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