New Relic Kicks Off Global Enterprise Integrator Program with Premier Service Providers

Consultants, Managed Services and Integrators Join Forces with New Relic to Manage Customer Experience on Modern Software

San Francisco - November 6, 2014

Software analytics company New Relic today announced a worldwide enterprise integrator program, featuring multiple premier service providers, consultants, and integrators, who are partnering with New Relic to provide the company’s application performance management solution to thousands of enterprises worldwide. The new program builds on the trend of service providers helping enterprises manage the performance, and ultimately the customer experience, of their modern software applications.

The partners in the New Relic Enterprise Integrator Program are leading the industry in designing, building, deploying and managing cloud infrastructure around the globe from top cloud platform providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, covering sectors such as healthcare, finance, and high tech.

Among the newly announced partners are:

  • Amazon Premier Global and Advanced Consulting Partners: 2nd Watch, 8KMiles Software Services, Bulletproof, Connectria Hosting, Dedalus, and Smartshift Technologies
  • Key Microsoft Azure Partners: Aditi Technologies, RDA Corp., and Terrace Software
  • Cloudticity, specializing in HIPAA compliant environments
  • Lochbridge, a leader in enterprise and emerging technology services for four decades

The New Relic Enterprise Integrator Program includes:

  • Access to New Relic product roadmaps, best practices, and field assistance
  • Co-marketing and lead sharing opportunities
  • Single view of multiple accounts for multi-tenant management of customer’s key application implementations
  • Revenue sharing with partners for referrals to New Relic

New Relic’s Partner Services Include:

  • Migrating Customers to Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds - using New Relic to help ensure quality of service in new, mixed environments
  • Ongoing Managed Service Offerings - optimizing customers’ application stacks to help meet service level agreements
  • Consulting Engagements - New Relic is the reference performance and analytics solution for tuning and maintaining applications
  • Business Intelligence – The integrator uses New Relic for real-time visibility into the customer experience to assist application owners deliver application and business success.

Supporting Quotes

“Software has become the new storefront. When engagement with the customer is a digital one, you gain the customers’ trust with a responsive application. This is a milestone moment to have partnered with so many leading integrators and service providers who are providing enterprises with needed application-centric expertise or are adding application performance management as part of their managed service offering. We are very pleased with the caliber of partners who have joined us with the kickoff of this new program.” - Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development and Customer Success, New Relic

“We are excited to add New Relic to our list of key cloud technology partners. As one of the leaders in helping customers Embrace the AWS Cloud, 8K Miles can now deploy for its customers New Relic's exceptional visibility and deep insights into the services, enhancing what is already the industry’s best security and monitoring framework for AWS-hosted workloads. With the addition of this new service, 8K Miles’ Secure-Cloud solutions will give our customers key details into their applications and end user experience.” - Lena Kannappan, Chief Operating Officer, 8KMiles Software Services

“We're excited to partner with New Relic, adding to the suite of expertise Aditi can bring to our clients helping them get the most from their solutions hosted in Azure. New Relic’s deep insights and ease of deployment across various Azure compute services gives our clients key details into their applications and user experience. Together, our expertise is aimed at providing customers with superior experiences on the cloud.” - Sunny Neogi, VP Alliances, Aditi Technologies

“Bulletproof recommends the use of New Relic to our customers and development partners. We deploy New Relic as a standard component for many of our web and digital workloads. New Relic gives granular visibility where rapid improvements can be realised and assists with maximizing our customers' experiences. It’s an excellent tool for our support team to effectively engage with customers and recommend environment optimisations to help achieve better response and load times.” - Gary Marshall, Sales Operations Manager, Bulletproof

“Connectria is excited to be a part of New Relic’s Enterprise Integrator Program. We’re very enthusiastic to include New Relic’s advanced application monitoring solutions as part of our services offering. Given Connectria’s wide range of hosted technologies, New Relic is an ideal complement due to its broad application support, which includes .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.JS, iOS and Android. Additionally, New Relic’s robust end-user monitoring capabilities and plug-in ecosystem will allow Connectria to enhance our services to our customers, whether they host applications within our data centers or one of our partners’ data centers, such as Amazon.”Rusty Putzler, Connectria COO and VP of Engineering, Connectria Hosting

“We're excited to add New Relic to our application performance practice. For our manufacturing, ecommerce and financial services clients with legacy, hybrid, cloud, and mobile applications, New Relic helps give our clients better insight into their applications and user experience.” - Allan Techko, Director, Lochbridge

“We are making New Relic the standard practice on all of our application development engagements on Microsoft Azure. New Relic is a proven solution that arms us with the insights to identify and resolve performance issues early within the solution development cycle.”Eric Tanenholtz, Director of Consulting Cloud Services, RDA Corp.

“As more applications move to the cloud and the scale of deployments grows, managing the availability, scalability, and performance of applications becomes increasingly critical. Smartshift, which manages more than 75 million hours of uptime in the public cloud, is a complete foundation for customers to run their application with New Relic monitoring the availability and scalability they need to cost-effectively operate their cloud infrastructures and continue to realize maximum value as applications deployments scale.” - Arjun Chopra, CTO, Smartshift Technologies

“Cloud computing is profoundly changing in the way that IT is delivered. Dedalus and New Relic have worked together to create a process and platform to provide customers a clear path to deploy and monitor their applications in the cloud. Together we are helping to make cloud environments more secure, scalable, easier to manage, and cost-effective to operate.” - Maurício Fernandes, Presidente, Dedalus

“Our New Relic consulting practice is growing and exciting. Together we have utilized the New Relic offerings to identify crucial website bottlenecks and implement code changes quickly, which delights our customers. The New Relic staff is thoughtful and responsive and I highly recommend the company.” - Todd Ziesing, CEO, Terrace Software

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