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New Relic Opens Up Software Analytics Cloud Platform So Customers Can Create, Share Killer ‘Data Apps’

At FutureStack14 conference, New Relic unveils expanded software analytics vision and offerings for improving customer experience with new synthetic, browser, mobile monitoring and real-time analytics

San Francisco -- FutureStack14 Conference - October 8, 2014

Today at the second annual FutureStack conference, New Relic ushered in its next chapter of software analytics with notable product enhancements and by announcing plans to open up its software analytics cloud platform so customers can build their own “Data Apps.” Collectively, these announcements represent a significant step forward in New Relic’s mission to make software analytics data accessible within organizations – from developers, to IT operations and beyond – to help understand and improve customer experience and drive the digital transformation in their business.

As an open software analytics data cloud, this new platform intends to give application developers the ability to create and publish custom Data Apps – applications that access and visualize key data from inside their software in real time, tailored for their needs – without having to build their own internal analytics infrastructure. Rather than cobbling together a myriad of different analytics solutions, large and small organizations will have customized access to potentially billions of data points they choose to collect, store and analyze from their organization’s software via New Relic.

“We’ve spent the better part of the past decade in pursuit of our mission to help organizations of all sizes glean actionable insights from the data they can get from their software – especially around the specific experiences of their customers. We know that when it comes to customer experience, moments matter,” said Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic. “Today, I am thrilled to be able to help businesses unlock answers to their most important questions, no matter who in the organization is asking. With New Relic’s Data Apps and the additional updates to our software analytics suite, data-driven businesses can turn to New Relic for an integrated software analytics solution. We want to make it easy for everyone to be a data nerd.”

A More Comprehensive APM and Software Analytics Offering

New Relic announced it is expanding its software analytics suite to include synthetic monitoring, plus deeper stand-alone application performance management (APM) capabilities for browsers, mobile apps, as well as new real-time analytics enhancements. With these key product updates, New Relic offers a more comprehensive, full-stack software analytics platform with the ease and speed that comes from a cloud-based SaaS offering.

At FutureStack14, New Relic announced:

  • New Relic Insights – General availability of new features geared for business users around cohorts and funnels, providing analysis and new visualizations for advanced segmentation of customer behavior.
  • New Relic Synthetics – Later this quarter, New Relic will deliver a new automated testing solution that will help identify and prevent performance problems before they happen by simulating real-user experiences of companies’ applications.
  • New Relic Browser – General availability of a new, stand-alone product giving front-end developers code-level visibility into browser-based JavaScript applications, providing for the first time performance and error diagnostics throughout the entire end user experience, even after the page loads.
  • Crash Reporting for New Relic Mobile – A new capability available today that resolves the bugs that cause mobile applications to crash on users’ devices. With the addition of crash reporting, New Relic Mobile is an end-to-end mobile solution providing code-level visibility from the mobile device -- including crashes and insight into user behavior -- across the network and to the backend services powering the app.

Onstage at FutureStack14, Cirne is previewing early examples of custom Data Apps built using New Relic Insights. The ability for customers to create their own Data Apps is targeted for 2015.

Supporting Quotes

“Ultimately, commercial software has to meet customer needs, be easy to use, and be enjoyable. These three facets define customer experience, and Forrester’s research shows that companies that deliver positive customer experience see direct revenue benefit ... Software analytics helps enhance your customer understanding ,,, [and] can provide insight that enhances existing persona knowledge in relation to software consumption.” – Forrester Research report, “Brief: Introducing Software Analytics, A Key Business Technology Solution,” by John Rakowski, June 18, 2014

"The number one benefit we get out of New Relic Browser is the ability to pinpoint errors real users are experiencing that we never saw before. It definitely reduces time spent hunting down issues and now we are able to fix problems before they are even reported - a great bonus." – George Adams IV, Architect, Platform Reliability Specialist at Brand Networks

“At Shoto, we place a high value on providing a great user experience for our mobile device customers, day in, day out. New Relic Mobile helps us know when things crash - especially in our beta testing program - providing us information on how to fix it, and what exactly is going wrong, so we can provide that experience once it goes out to our real customers.” – Brian Norton, Chief Hacker, Shoto

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