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Open a window into your Azure development

Azure monitoring from New Relic gives you performance insights for your applications and infrastructure. Start now directly from the Azure Marketplace.

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Bring your apps into focus with New Relic and Microsoft Azure

Your days of needing to view multiple management consoles to monitor your app performance are over. New Relic is now integrated into Microsoft Azure, giving you instant visibility into web and mobile apps. Even better, through our partnership, you get New Relic Standard free of charge! Get started today!

Monitor web apps within Microsoft Azure

Life gets easier when you pair Microsoft Azure and New Relic. Now you can manage and diagnose all of your apps in one place. It's like bifocals for your code, but much cooler.

Faster performance

Lots of users (Hooray!)? Things slowing down? New Relic will tell you and Microsoft Azure will deliver the insight you need to keep things running quickly and efficiently.

Proactive issue management

See application issues before users even notice. Remediate them quickly with Visual Studio and then roll out the updates like lightning to Microsoft Azure.

Simplified user access

Enable single sign-on with New Relic and Azure Active Directory to manage users and groups and help secure access. Users can launch New Relic from their Access Panel using their company credentials. Learn more.

Azure with New Relic

Deploy on Azure and instantly see results. In Azure.

New Relic is available through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the standard version is free.

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Trusted and secure

We’ve helped thousands of companies move into the next generation of software, securely and reliably. We handle billions of metrics every day with the highest levels of compliance and integrity.

Secure Data Center
Compliance Friendly
Secure by Default
SOC 2 Audited
Continuous Monitoring
Configurable Security