Visualize, navigate, and improve your entire stack

  • Get complete app visibility for everything from backend APIs to frontend user devices
  • View traces and logs in context for better data correlation across your full stack
  • Visualize dependencies with automap and external services 
  • Rally around golden metrics and Apdex scores to identify bottlenecks and optimize performance

Never miss a trace again

  • Observe 100% of your distributed traces (up to 2M spans per minute) with New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing
  • Head-based sampling gives key representative insights
  • Drill into errors and slow traces to find the root cause faster 
  • Group traces to better understand errors and anomalies 
  • Optimize for data cost-visibility with span attribute trace filters and set rules with trace observer monitor

Code-level visibility for faster troubleshooting

  • Create alerts for your preferred metrics and channels
  • Analyze errors and time consuming requests to uncover trouble areas
  • Diagnose cluster behavior and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks with real-time Java profiler
  • Determine root cause faster with logs in context and transaction traces
  • Unified pattern recognition and machine learning help you sift through data faster 

Proactive workflows to improve system health

  • Detect, triage, and troubleshoot errors with Errors Inbox 
  • Use deployment markers to understand how code releases impact performance
  • Dependency and service maps highlight components causing performance issues
  • Manage SLOs like a pro with automated service level management
APM IO screen showing integrations

Monitor your current and future stack

  • Get started fast with integrations for the most popular languages, frameworks, and cloud providers, including open standards like OpenTelemetry
  • Tailored guided installs make setup fast and easy
  • Browse New Relic I/O for preconfigured dashboards and alerts for your environment

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