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Deliver great apps with mobile performance monitoring

Mobile application monitoring tool to help teams build high-performance, stable mobile applications.

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Understand how your apps perform in
complex real‑world environments

Maintaining mobile applications in their fragmented production ecosystems is a challenging, energy-sapping task. New Relic’s mobile APM (mAPM) toolset brings performance data to the surface to help teams focus on ensuring users are getting a great experience.

  • See how services are affecting your app. Quickly spot and resolve internal backend services or 3rd party API call performance issues.

  • Diagnose performance by operating systems, devices, and versions. View performance reports in a rolled up view across all OS’s, devices, and app versions or cohort them into a specific one.

  • Discover regions affected by poor app performance. Understand how response time, data transfer, and network failures affect your app’s performance across geographical regions.

  • Know how your app runs on each carrier’s network. Get breakdowns of performance across each wireless carrier or WiFi network where your apps are running.

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See your app through your customer’s eyes

Understand how the user’s experience is affected by performance issues. With New Relic Mobile, you get the visibility you need to see code-level inefficiencies directly related to how your customers use your apps.

  • Get code-level visibility for a user’s interactions on your app.

    Understand data distribution across your foreground and background threads, and view detailed timeline breakdowns of your most expensive or slowest interactions.

  • Identify how your apps consume device resources.

    Gain deeper visibility into how your apps consume CPU and memory at the local device level.

  • Track unique interactions with custom events

    Tag specialized events in your app as interactions—business transactions, in-app purchases and more—and we’ll provide the same level of granularity for all your events.

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Apps crash. You want to know why. New Relic will tell you

Find out all the reasons why your apps crashed, but more importantly, understand how you can solve these crashes quickly and easily, and prevent them from happening again.

  • Get insight into how and why your apps crash. With frequency trends and stack traces you’ll not only know when your apps crash, but also have detailed metrics around why the crashes occurred. As you make fixes, use weekly comparisons to see if you are improving the situation.

  • Minimal effort. Smarter troubleshooting. We’ll analyze patterns and roll up the important details pertinent to a crash. This includes an automatic trail of the user’s interactions leading up to it and code-level visibility into the traces in the interaction trail.

  • We’ll keep you informed, so you never miss a problem. With email alerts you’ll be notified when crashes happen, so you can get to work resolving the issue immediately. Find out why it happened, find a solution, and file a support ticket right through New Relic using our ticketing integration feature.

Uncover problems you didn’t even know existed

New Relic Mobile provides real-time visibility into your app’s performance in production, so you can take immediate action on critical issues before they become a liability.

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Understand your most resource‑intensive HTTP requests.

View your top HTTP requests by average response time, throughput, and average data transferred. Dig deeper into each request to view request time impact on domain, network failures, and HTTP errors.

Easily diagnose HTTP Errors.

Detailed reporting of all HTTP errors encountered by the application including time of occurrence, error code, URL, and count. Dive deep into each error to see offending code, latency, count, and response body for the error.

Obtain end-to-end, code-level visibility.

Track performance problems from your mobile app, across the network, through to your hosting infrastructure and server side application code when you use New Relic Mobile in conjunction with our suite of digital intelligence solutions.

Alert team members when performance lags.

Choose specific team members to get alerts for HTTP status error rates, network failure error rates, and HTTP response times for each of the endpoints your apps interact with.

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“The mobile app tool helps us understand exactly how many users are being affected by any given issue. Once we address the problem at hand, we can see right away—within hours or even minutes—whether or not the changes worked. It takes the guesswork out of identifying and fixing issues in production.”

Joe Bondi, Co-Founder and CTO, RunKeeper
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