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Trace HTTP Requests in Real Time.

  • For each HTTP request, trace the number of entities it connects to and how they interact with one another, live.
  • See HTTP response trends for all your React Native-instrumented applications.
  • Drill down into in-process spans to quickly determine which services are impacting your application.
Dashboard showing crashed by app version
New Relic product screen capture

Understand user behavior better with Event Trail.

  • See exactly what users were doing in each webpage down to the millisecond that an error happened. 
  • Dive into a stack trace of requests called, and know which services triggered the error.
  • View critical metrics like device type, OS, and geographic region for each user experiencing an issue.

Analyze crashes intelligently for your React Native applications.

  • Track not only native iOS and Android crashes, but also crashes due to React, all in one view.
  • Get insights into anomalous crashes using ML-powered analysis, and add relevant trends to a customizable dashboard.
  • Set alerts to notify your engineers when crash or error rates exceed a certain threshold.
New Relic product screen capture

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