FutureStack 2021

Virtually Everywhere Online | May 25 - 27, 2021

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AWS and New Relic make end-to-end Observability simple.

Amazon Web Services

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Master Observability. Level Up Your Game.

Get ready to rack up your experience points with new tools, new skills, and whole new ways to play with your data through Observability.

  • What’s next for Observability:

    Join us to look beyond just production to plan, build, and run more perfect software.

  • OPEN standards to drive game-changing innovation.

    • Pixie—the new Kubernetes native-in-cluster observability platform
    • AWS and New Relic Partnership
  • BUILD beyond monitoring to empower next-generation engineers

    • New Relic Student and New Startup
    • New Relic Innovators
  • RUN production environments that dramatically reduce MTTRs

    • New Relic Explorer
    • Logs in Context

Data Nerds, get ready to hack the future

Level Up your observability game at FutureStack 2021. Connect with Nerds from across the globe to learn, share, and get inspired as we reinvent the future of software — and have lots of fun doing it.

FutureStack is coming.
May 25 - 27, 2021

Count down to get your Nerd on with learning, sharing, networking and lots of fun surprises.