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16 October 2019 | 155 Bishopsgate, London, UK

Creating more perfect software together

At FutureStack this year, join with fellow industry leaders to learn how your peers are navigating these shifts and
thriving in a software-driven, cloud-native world. This year, we’ll help you answer questions such as:

  • How to accelerate your shift to cloud-native and reimagine the way your applications are delivered, run, and monitored
  • How to scale DevOps practices beyond individual teams and build a culture of measurement and continuous improvement
  • How to develop a unified, entity-centric view of your applications, services, and systems, and understand their relationships and dependencies, in order to provide a greater end customer experience.
  • What's new and what's next in observability for the modern world - from Kubernetes and serverless technologies to AIOps
  • Tips and Tricks from our customers on how to make the most out of New Relic, with presentations from ITV, Gett, Metapack, News UK, Tandem Bank and more



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16th October

FutureStack EMEA


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Welcome and Introductions

Speaker: Andrew Lawson, EVP & GM - EMEA, New Relic


Keynote: Creating More Perfect Software Together

New Relic's SVP of Product Management Ken Gavranovic will discuss how organisations can harness modern software as a strategic asset to gain competitive advantage and drive top-line growth. Gavranovic and guests will demonstrate how New Relic’s latest innovations empower teams to find, visualise, and understand everything they need to deliver more perfect software.

Speaker: Ken Gavranovic, Senior Vice President of Product Management, New Relic



For modern organisations across most industries, technology has become a huge enabler of their expansion, if not their core business. Learn about the technical, organizational and business challenges that Addison Lee is addressing in order to leverage technology as a competitive advantage in today's digital native world.

Speaker: Ian Cohen , Chief Product & Technology Officer , Addison Lee Group


Customer Keynote

The food delivery business is competitive, with companies differentiating themselves by the quality of the service they deliver. Customers expect to be able to order and pay for their meals quickly and easily, and receive them on time, in good order. For online food retailers, this means that every order counts. Learn how a leading food delivery company is able to process thousands of orders per day and scale during weekends thanks to the insights provided by New Relic, while ensuring their customers enjoy the great experience they expect.


Connecting observability and business data through tailored visualizations with New Relic One

New Relic One is the programmable platform that allows software-driven companies to connect observability data and business data, delivering visibility tailored to drive their unique business. Learn how Picnic, the world's fastest growing online supermarket, is building custom apps on top of the New Relic platform to optimise their supply chain processes and accelerate their growth.

Speaker: Philip Leonard, Tech Lead, Picnic


AWS Customer Case Study

Learn how one of our customers is leveraging New Relic to ensure their migration to AWS is a success. From defining migration baseline metrics, to monitoring the digital customer experience throughout the migration process, to optimizing AWS usage across their application estate.




Breakout 1 - Industry Solutions

Retail Presentation - Metapack

Instantly gratifying omnichannel experiences across any device at any time have become the expectation rather than the exception. Shoppers want what they want, when and where they want it, and if they don’t get it, they’ll look elsewhere. Learn from one of our retail customers how monitoring the digital customer experience and application performance helps them reduce time-to-market and increase customer satisfaction.

Speaker: Steven Homan, CTO, Metapack


Breakout 2 - Modernisation

After Lift & Shift -- What Does Successful Modernisation Take?

Moving to the cloud is only one component of a strategy to modernise your infrastructure, applications, and approach to software development. What does it take to successfully modernize? This presentation will walk you through the benefits and key elements of a continuous modernisation strategy—from rehosting and replatforming, to refactoring your applications running in the cloud.

Speaker: Alberto Gomez, Senior Director of Product Management, New Relic


Breakout 1 - Industry Solutions

How ITV is Maximising New Opportunities by Implementing Technology-led Business Transformation Initiatives

Coming towards the end of a five year transformational initiative ITV looked to improve observability to provide the confidence to migrate a multi billion pound business to new platforms and a new future. Following that successful shift to modern environments ITV is now pushing forward with technology-led business transformation initiatives to maximise the new opportunities that a modern platform offers, whilst keeping a keen eye on how that technology supports their business.

Speaker: Andrew Duncan, Principal Engineer, ITV


Breakout 2 - Modernisation

The Modernisation Journey - Tandem Bank

DevOps is a mindset that has become a requirement to thrive in today's modern era where software is increasingly complex, and customers become more and more sophisticated. Tandem Bank used a DevOps focused mindset to build out an effective Platform Team that harnessed the use of New Relic monitoring services. It moved its co-location hosted architecture into the cloud within 10 months successfully. All this change ensured it could meet the needs of its customers and use cloud-native technology to scale within Amazon Web Services effectively. Tandem Bank is now envisioning its next steps in its modernisation journey.

Speaker: Matthew Tunstill, Infrastructure Architect, Tandem Bank


Breakout 1 - Industry Solutions

Financial Services Presentation - Customer

The financial services industry has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last few years. With consumer expectations higher than ever, and an increasingly competitive landscape with the emergence of new financial services disruptors, legacy organizations have had to modernize to be able to compete. Learn how one of our leading financial services customers reduced time-to-market by moving away from their legacy systems into a modern, cloud based platform, while driving a DevOps transformation across the organization.


Breakout 2 - Modernisation

Multidimensional Kubernetes Monitoring with New Relic - News UK

Performance monitoring in a cloud native world is very different from monitoring a traditional environment. During this interactive session, we will show how teams can use New Relic to observe performance and dependencies in their Kubernetes environment, and troubleshoot failures, bottlenecks, and other abnormal behavior—helping ensure that their applications are always available, running fast, and doing what they’re supposed to do.

Speaker: Marcin Cuber, Cloud DevOps Engineer, News UK


Breakout 1 - Industry Solutions

Customer Presentation

Legacy organizations embarking on a digital transformation journey at scale are embracing cloud technologies, modernizing legacy systems, standardizing IT tools and spearheading cultural changes that help them deliver products and services in a more agile way. In this talk, you'll learn from one of our enterprise customers about the challenges they encountered in this process and how they became a software-driven business.


Breakout 2 - Modernisation

Defining the Principles, Habits and Practices of a Production Support Team - Gett

No matter how you define it, the production support role is clearly expanding into more organisations. To be effective in this new role, support engineers must possess a deep understanding of how different systems work together, why they fail, how they can be improved, and how they can best be designed and monitored. This talk by Gett’s Global Tech Support and Incident Manager, Lior Avni, will discuss the cultural shifts needed when creating a production support team, the relationship between the different tiers (Support ,DevOps, DBAs) and how you can apply these practices to enable self-service with greater agility and reliability. 

Speaker: Lior Avni, Global Tech Support & Incident Management , Gett




Celebrity Dashboards

Join us for a fun and informative session where the audience get to show us their favourite dashboards and tell us why they love them. Prizes will be awarded, so join in the fun! 

Speaker: Tom Doherty, Senior Technical Training Specialist, New Relic


Special Keynote: Tim Peake, Astronaut and Test Pilot


Closing Remarks

Speaker: Andrew Lawson, GM EMEA, New Relic


FutureStack Drinks Reception


FutureStack Party


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Photo of Alberto Gomez Alberto Gomez VP Product Management New Relic
Photo of Andrew Lawson Andrew Lawson EVP & GM - EMEA New Relic
Photo of Tom Doherty Tom Doherty Senior Technical Training Specialist New Relic
Photo of Marcin Cuber Marcin Cuber Cloud DevOps Engineer News UK
Photo of Steven Homan Steven Homan CTO Metapack
Photo of Lior Avni Lior Avni Global Tech Support & Incident Management Gett
Photo of Matthew Tunstill Matthew Tunstill Platform Engineer Tandem Bank
Photo of Andrew Duncan Andrew Duncan Principal Engineer ITV
Photo of Ian Cohen Ian Cohen Chief Product & Technology Officer Addison Lee Group
Photo of Tim Peake Tim Peake Astronaut and Test Pilot
Photo of Philip Leonard Philip Leonard Tech Lead Picnic
Photo of Ken Gavranovic Ken Gavranovic Senior Vice President, Product Management New Relic

An intensive and informative day for modern technology professionals.


  • Inspiring speakers: Hear from New Relic leaders, customers, partners and technology experts
  • Demos and networking: Learn, discuss, and walk away ready to tackle the challenges of modern IT industry thought-leaders, and cloud experts 
  • New Relic University post-conference training: Learn about the finer points of the New Relic platform to help you start monitoring performance like a pro

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