FutureStack {2022}

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Opening Keynote Part 1

New Relic, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Verizon, Mercado Libre,  Lacework, Footlocker

Opening Keynote Part 2

New Relic, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Verizon, Mercado Libre,  Lacework, Footlocker

Uptime Live

New Relic, Platzi, Netlfiy, Wilco, CircieCI


Breakouts, Deep Dives and Technical Sessions

Tend to your Observability Garden

Carl Chesser, Cerner

OpenTelemetry in Action at Mercado Libre

Juan Martin Pi & Sebastian Sujarchuk, Mercado Libre

Automating Operations

Chris Snyder, Bell Media

Roadmap to Maturity - Crossing the Enterprise Boundaries

Jeff Konz, AmerisourceBergen

Light in the Shadows: Accelerating Learning, Decisions and Growth for Good

FFWD, UPchieve, Learning Equality

Optimize your Kubernetes container sizes: a guide to make more efficient use of your nodes with New Relic

Frank Dornberger, MovingImage

CapitalOne's online tool for dealer partners: Migration, Modernization, and Observability with AWS and New Relic

Harish Kathpalia, Capital One

Solving observability needs for engineers with Istio and New Relic

Stefan Kolesnikowicz & Stephen Griffin, Achievers

Observing Microfrontends with SPA Agent

Patrick McLain, AB inBev

Scaling Application Observability



Three Heresies About Observability

Simply Business


How to reduce tool sprawl and convert log management to New Relic

Footlocker Inc


Player Focus puts Riot Games in a League of its own

Riot Games


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