[Online Workshop] Maximising performance with integrated APM and infrastructure monitoring (EMEA)

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Watch this webinar on-demand and learn more about the integration of APM and infrastructure monitoring, and discover how they enhance operational visibility, mitigate risks and deliver valuable insights from application and system data.

Get hands-on experience troubleshooting issues impacting your hosts or applications. Learn powerful APM and infrastructure monitoring techniques to track, spot and visualise overall system health, and explore how to leverage these insights to make informed, data-driven decisions to build a robust ecosystem that scales efficiently.

Watch this session on-demand and learn how to:

  • Use new UI components in APM and infrastructure to locate issues, troubleshoot faster and uncover observability gaps
  • Understand the UI bridges between APM and infrastructure that connect performance in your environments 
  • Work with updated filter capabilities in Infrastructure to view relevant parts of your ecosystem, and create powerful saved views
  • Correlate infrastructure, application performance and utilisation metrics side by side

The lab sessions cover how to:

  • View overall system and deployment health
  • Work with dynamic charts that provide host and APM-specific metrics
  • Assess key metrics for hosts using scorecard UI components 
  • Troubleshoot performance issues