In this interactive workshop, you’ll get hands-on with a working Kubernetes environment, improve your understanding of the Prometheus Agent and how to make configuration changes that affect the metrics sent to New Relic.

You’ll instrument a cluster in just a few clicks with New Relic, and then using a virtual and interactive lab platform you’ll work with powerful kubectl commands to explore the cluster, work with labels, annotations and Helm settings to configure your environment.


  • Install the Prometheus Agent (and other New Relic components) into a Minikube cluster
  • Work with Kubernetes labels and annotations to incrementally ingest new Prometheus metrics into your New Relic account
  • View the data ingest in real-time with a supplemental New Relic dashboard specifically built for this Instruqt lab
  • Configure the Prometheus Agent to scrape metrics from a static target requiring authentication
  • Learn how to manipulate data ingest by dropping labels and metrics using Prometheus Agent configuration techniques
  • Install a Prometheus Quickstart from the New Relic Quickstart library