[Online Workshop] Dashboard Techniques to Visualise System and Business Performance


A main challenge facing businesses today is understanding how to surface critical business metrics to show a clear view of real-time business performance. In this hands-on workshop you’ll get to elevate your dashboard skills to help visualize system and business performance, and make data driven decisions.

Learn about dashboard design strategies, accessing best in class templates, and get hands on creating powerful charts and writing NRQL queries for visualizing trends, and correlating different data sets.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites but we recommend basic familiarity with the New Relic Query Language NRQL or have taken the Practitioner Learning Path on learn.newrelic.com to get most value from this workshop.


  • Dashboard Templates
  • Dashboard Design Strategies
  • Lab: Visualising Trends and Patterns
  • Lab: Segment your data : FACET, Multi FACET, FACET timespan, FACET cases
  • Lab: Trends, Comparing data, Baseline values, Funnels, Multi function, COMPARE WITH
  • Lab: Customized views for users: Interactive dashboards, Variables
  • Lab: Distributing values for deeper analysis eg slow pages : Histogram, Heatmap
  • Customizing widgets : Data formats, value ranges 
  • Custom Viz : FACET Treemap, FACET Chart, creating your own visualizations

Event speakers

Liam Hurrell headshot

Liam Hurrell

Manager, Customer Training, New Relic

Starting off in app development in London, Liam found his passion and expertise for sharing knowledge and training. He gained experience building technical training programmes for companies like BSkyB, and ran his own Apple, Adobe and Android-authorised training centre for 10 years.  He joined New Relic three years ago and enjoys creating practical workshops for customers and partners, on all areas of the New Relic One observability platform, and DevOps practises.

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