Real-time Business Performance Monitoring: Surfacing the Metrics That Matter

New Relic - Mastering Business Dashboards

A main challenge facing businesses today is understanding how to surface critical business metrics to show a clear view of real-time business performance.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to connect business and software performance to get actionable insights into your business. We’ll guide you through examples of how to collect, process, and correlate key business metrics and dimensional data alongside your software telemetry. See how business data can be visualised and analysed to drive business performance.  

After this webinar, DevOps and BizOps teams will know how to incorporate business KPIs into your observability strategy to make high-impact decisions in real time.

Join our New Relic experts: Field CTO, Greg Ouillon and Lead Customer Training Specialist, Liam Hurrell 


  • Business problems we’re addressing
  • Querying and faceting business data
  • Surfacing business metrics in New Relic 
    • Software Telemetry
    • Custom attributes
    • Custom events
  • Dashboards: Visualise business and performance data
  • Examples and case studies
  • Detecting and alerting on business issues
  • Options for capturing business metrics
    • Front-end, back-end, mobile, logs, and others
    • Demo - Practical example of an e-commerce application
  • Make it happen: Who and how