New Relic weaves all of your logs and events data into a single, comprehensive view to empower you to easily correlate log data with APM, infrastructure, and error data. Leverage logs in context where a trace and span ID is automatically applied to your full stack observability content, enabling you to get to the root cause of problems quickly, without losing context switching between tools.

In this 90 minute open-laptop workshop, you'll explore the different ways to bring your log data to New Relic, the fast and easy-to-use UI, as well as parsing, filtering or dropping logs to match your needs. Using a sandbox environment, you’ll get hands-on experience of searching log data, working with partitions and AI log patterns, troubleshooting errors in applications and trace data, creating charts and dashboards to share with teams, and setting up alert conditions for problems you want to prevent.

Workshop Agenda 

  • What is Logs in context and its role in observability
  • Log shipping and New Relic 
  • Ways to bring your log data into New Relic 
    • Forwarding logs with the New Relic infrastructure agent 
    • Configuring plugins like FluentD 
    • Kubernetes plugin, cloud integrations and log API 
  • Lab: Search and visualize log data directly from the logs UI 
  • Lab: Use patterns to spot outliers 
  • Lab: Set up alerts to notify on log data 
  • Applying parsing rules and drop filters
  • Configuring logs in context with an APM agent 
  • Lab: Troubleshooting applications with logs in context
  • Lab: Share log data by creating custom charts and dashboards