Mobile devices are everywhere, expanding the revenue potential of mobile applications. But how do you efficiently build applications for multiple platforms and ensure ongoing performance?

With New Relic’s latest support for React Native, you can monitor iOS and Android activity simultaneously and make changes to one codebase, making it easier to reach uptime and reliability goals.  Using our new mobile agent, you can ingest data from framework-instrumented applications directly into New Relic where you can see not only application performance, but how the performance of your entire stack impacts users. 

Join us to learn the steps for instrumenting your React Native apps with New Relic for full-stack observability:

  • How to install New Relic SDK in the React-Native demo app
  • Results in New Relic as the application is being exercised, including:
    • Crashes
    • Http requests
    • Http errors
    • Distributed tracing into the backend
    • Interactions
    • Dashboard of React-Native performance
  • Examples of how to add custom data, like breadcrumbs and custom events.