Are you facing any of these challenges in your daily life as an IT practitioner?

  • We need to troubleshoot problems in a distributed environment, starting from the front end
  • We want to go beyond load time and measure how end users perceive performance
  • We want to proactively prevent issues before they impact customers
  • We want to correlate performance to business metrics to make data driven decisions
  • We want to set up proactive end user experience alerting.

If some of these challenges sound familiar, join this webinar to learn how New Relic One can help you to tackle them.We will also discuss the proactive approach of monitoring and measuring the user experience.We want to go beyond load time and measure how end users perceive performance. By the end of the demo, you will feel confident about using observability to improve your digital customer experience.

Event speakers

Aakanksha Chaturvedi

Aakanksha Chaturvedi

Solutions Consultant

I am Aakanksha, Solutions Consultant with 10 years of experience in the Performance Monitoring domain. I have predominantly worked in analysing, measuring and improving performance of large scale websites across the world serving millions of customers daily.

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