In this demo, you will learn how to:

  • Collect metrics, events, logs, and traces across your entire software environment. Eliminate data silos and cut through complexity by bringing all of your contextual data¬† onto one platform.
  • Find and fix issues faster. Draw meaningful connections within a complex sea of data by automatically highlighting dependencies, enabling teams to respond to incidents faster and with better context.
  • Run more efficiently and reliably. Get a comprehensive view of your cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes Cluster health, as well as the applications and services they depend on.

Stay on till the end for the very good questions at the end of the session. 

Event speakers

Ankur Dubey

Ankur Dubey

Solutions Consultant

I am curious and empathetic consultant.My focus has been on advocating and innovating businesses around their digital transformation focused on Cloud Adoption and improvement in digital customer experiences.
I get excited about technology for social good.

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