Observability Delivered - How Logistics & Transport Leader Hogia transformed their technology & culture to accelerate their business.

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At the heart of any successful transformation are the people, building a spirit of partnership and collaboration across the organisation was fundamental to transforming Hogia’s technology stack and development and operations processes. Working closely with Cloud Enablers and New Relic, Hogia were able to deliver on an observability strategy that saw them through migrating to the cloud, rearchitecting their legacy applications and the adoption of modern development practices to accelerate innovation.

What was once a siloed technical organisation, deploying infrequently and at night, has become a collaborative team sharing data through observability and accelerating deployments through automation at any time of day. 

Join us as we discuss how Hogia, New Relic and Cloud Enablers partnered to deliver on the benefits of true observability.

Information About Hogia

The Hogia Group comprises 27 companies in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom with over 650 employees. With software as a common denominator, the Hogia Group currently operates in three business areas: finance and business systems, human resource systems, and transport systems.

Event speakers

Neil MacGowan headshot

Neil MacGowan

Director of Digital Intelligence, EMEA, New Relic

Neil has 27 years' experience covering line of business in manufacturing, wholesale distribution and logistics, IT in business software design, development and implementation, and ISVs ranging from technology start-ups to multi-billion dollar software companies. As Director of Digital Intelligence for New Relic EMEA, Neil provides executive-level consulting across corporate IT organisations in support of their efforts to digitally transform their businesses. Neil routinely works with CIOs, CTOs and CEOs at industry-leading companies to help them understand how to stay agile and thrive in the modern business world. 

Stefan Svensson headshot

Stefan Svensson

CTO, Cloud Enablers AB

Stefan has over 20 years of experience of working in the software product industry in various roles such as architect, development manager and product manager. Stefan is a certified AWS Solution Architect and has deep knowledge and experience of both AWS and Azure. He helps companies on their journey to Cloud architecture, DevOps/SRE (organization, tools and processes), development and product processes and moving from product to SaaS business. He thinks software development is both the highest form of art and at the same time an industrial process, and that’s why it is so interesting

Oskar Börjesson headshot

Oskar Börjesson

Senior Architect, Hogia Infrastructure Services AB

Oskar has been working 25+ years in the IT industry and has been working as a senior architect on the Hogia Star platform for almost 10 years. Prior to that he has worked in the Swedish vehicle cluster in Göteborg as a team leader and developer. Oskar has been pioneering Hogias Software as a Service and cloud transformation efforts, setting up Hogias DevOps workflow and developing Hogias CI/CD pipelines.

Jonas Köster headshot

Jonas Köster

IT Operation Manager, Hogia Infrastructure Services AB

Jonas has over 27 years’ experience working in complex ISV companies offering services within hosting and IT, primarily working with ERP products for property management, finance, human resources and transport. Previous roles have included management work as CIO and IT Manager. Together with his existing role as IT Operation Manager he has gained extensive knowledge within SaaS delivery, DevOps operations, Azure and overall IT Service Management.

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