New Relic Synthetics Monitoring: Are You Peak-Season Ready (APAC)

Person typing on laptop

Nothing is worse for a customer than having trouble when they are shopping on your site. As we approach the peak online shopping season and your teams are getting those last minute fixes into place,  are you 100% confident that your customers make it all the way through to purchase? 

Watch this 90 minute, hands-on workshop to learn how to run automated tests and find out where specific errors and slow pages are, so you can deliver the best digital customer experience. Synthetics monitoring can help you proactively ensure availability, functionality and performance for your critical services, APIs, and user pathways through targeted testing in a consistent browser environment across various geographic regions.

Watch this practical workshop to explore different ways to leverage Synthetic monitors, along with Dashboards and Alerts, to help you measure, track, optimize and alert on the parts of your systems or websites which matter most to you.  


  • Welcome
  • Intro to Synthetics and Proactive Monitoring
    • Use Case and Labs
  • Synthetics Monitor Types:
    • Ping 
    • Simple
    • Scripted
    • Secure Credentials
    • Private Locations
  • SLA’s and Reporting on your Monitors
    • Aggregate monitoring
    • Individual monitors
    • Custom charting and reporting
    • Dashboarding monitor performance
    • Field testing vs RUM: Comparative charting
  • Alerting on your monitors
    • Synthetic Alerts, Multi-location Alerts
    • NRQL Alerts and use cases 
  • Maintenance windows, monitor administration and REST API