[Virtual training] Do more with dashboards: NRQL and Custom Visualizations

Data lines

Are you ready to elevate your dashboard skills? Take your visualizations to the next level by watching this hands-on workshop that will teach you how to make the most of dashboards in New Relic One. Drive observability initiatives by building powerful dashboards, setting alerts, and connecting business metrics to performance KPIs.

Watch this workshop on-demand to: 

  • Learn about the various options to build visualizations: out of the box, custom visualizations, quickstart templates, and even dashboarding as code via API.

  • Write advanced NRQL queries, combine multiple queries, and create linked, interactive dashboards. 

  • Learn to use a range of aggregators, functions, and filters.

  • Get NRQL tips and tricks that enable you to create powerful visualisations of your data.

  • Take part in fun challenges that test your skills and knowledge.