Are you facing any of these challenges in your daily life as an IT practitioner?

  • We have too many monitoring tools and need to consolidate them

  • We want to understand how end users are experience our applications

  • We want to make the end user experience error free

  • We want to proactively monitor our services and make sure they are always up and running

  • We need to improve the customer experience on our mobile channel.

If some or all of these challenges sound all too familiar, watch this webinar to find out how New Relic One can help you tackle them. By the end of this introductory demo, you should feel confident in getting started with using New Relic One to improve your digital customer experience.

This is the third of four webinars in the series “How to tackle real world challenges with New Relic One”. Register for the final webinar in the series here.

Each webinar lasts 45 minutes approximately and covers five 5-8 minute scenarios, demonstrating how to use New Relic One to solve them. A total of 20 scenarios based on common real-world challenges is covered during the series.