Do you face any of these challenges in your daily life as an IT practitioner?

  • We have too many monitoring tools: we need to consolidate them

  • We want to spend less time debugging and more time innovating

  • We need to troubleshoot application problems faster at the code level

  • We’re looking to consolidate our logs and correlate them with the rest of our data

  • We want to follow DevOps best practices (e.g. SLOs) but are not sure where to begin

  • We want to improve the reliability of our infrastructure

  • We like using open source monitoring but would prefer to correlate the data and not need to maintain and store it ourselves.

If some of these challenges sound all too familiar, watch this live demo to learn how New Relic One can help you tackle them. By the end of the demo, you will feel confident in getting started with improving the performance, reliability and scale of your applications, using New Relic One. 

This is the first of four webinars in the series: “How to tackle real world challenges with New Relic One”. You can watch it as a stand alone but it is followed by Go Further with Improving Performance, Reliability and Scale. These two webinars, while leveraging the full breadth of the platform, focus more on backend applications, infrastructure and logging

Each webinar lasts 45 minutes approximately and covers five 5-8 minute scenarios, demonstrating how to use New Relic One to solve them. A total of 20 scenarios based on common real-world challenges is covered over the series of four webinars.