Setting SLIs and SLOs is hard, but gets much easier when you step back and decide why you are setting them in the first place. 

In this live webinar event, New Relic Senior Solutions Manager Tori Wieldt will dive into how to think about your SLIs and SLOs – how to set them, how to monitor them, and how they can serve you and your business.

We'll explore:


  • What commitments should you make to your customers… and how?



  • The key differences between SLIs, SLOs and SLAs



  • Setting smart SLI/SLOs: A simple recipe for success



  • How you can leverage New Relic to track SLI/SLOs



  • Best practices to move from reactive to proactive</li>


Event speakers

Tori Wieldt headshot

Tori Wieldt

Senior Solutions Manager, New Relic

Tori Wieldt is a New Relic Senior Solutions Manager (focusing on DevOps), which means she formulates messages to the market and creates assets for Sales and Marketing. She also presents at tech conferences, writes blogs and co-hosts the New Relic Modern Software podcast. She has been in the tech world as a Sys Admin (AT&T), Tech Writer (Sun Microsystems), and Community Manager (Oracle).

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