Simple to set up. Easy to use.


New Relic Logs is a new kind of log monitoring solution. You can strip away the complexities of cumbersome on-prem log management and boost your business results with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution. Also, the co-location of log messages with New Relic APM and New Relic Infrastructure events, metrics, and traces allows you to more fully observe your system and more quickly resolve production issues and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Watch Charles Choy, Solutions Consultant at New Relic, introduce how to:


  • Set up New Relic Logs by integrating with open frameworks such as FluentD, Logstash and Cloudwatch



  • Use Logs to search and troubleshoot production issues



  • Set up alerts and build dashboards so you can troubleshoot performance proactively



  • Log in context and correlate APM error and trace events with log information in context