Stop spending time tracking down hard to find issues and managing complex tracing infrastructure. Learn how Infinite tracing observes  100% of your application traces for you—without deploying gateways or satellites. 

This technical webinar includes:

  • An introduction to Infinite Tracing and types of sampling
  • A use case: Using New Relic Edge and OpenTelemetry
  • Insights into customizing trace filtering for your needs


Event speakers

Andrew Tunall

Senior Director, Product Management, New Relic

Andrew Tunall is Senior Director, Product Management at New Relic. He's previously held product management roles at Amazon Web Services, and has worked at several fintech and consulting companies, assisting major payment providers, telecom firms, consumer electronics vendors, and media and entertainment companies to build everything from web applications to video content origins. He joined New Relic in 2018.

Erika Arnold headshot

Erika Arnold

Principal Software Engineer and Architect, New Relic

Erika is a principal software engineer and architect for New Relic's Distributed tracing products. The coolest part of her job is helping customers monitor and solve problems in all the varied systems and runtimes they're using. Erika joined New Relic in 2015. A former biologist, she's collected bugs all over the world. Now she mostly finds bugs in code.

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