Keeping an application running at scale in the cloud is different than keeping your applications running in your own data centers. Cloud technologies are different, the way you scale is different, the way you troubleshoot is different, and the monitoring you need is different.


From static compute to dynamic autoscaling to serverless services and microservices, combined with the demands of creating new digital businesses, cloud services provide new opportunities and challenges.

Join Lee Atchison, Senior Director of Strategic Architecture at New Relic and Author of "Architecting for Scale" as he discusses the differences in cloud technologies that impact monitoring and strategies for migrating and scaling applications in AWS.


  • How to make sure your adoption of cloud services is successful



  • Key questions that architects and operations teams face in cloud environments



  • Best practices for dynamic scaling and resource allocation in AWS



  • Plus get all your questions answered by the expert...


Event speakers

Lee Atchison headshot

Lee Atchison

Senior Director of Strategic Architecture at New Relic, New Relic

Lee Atchison is the Senior Director, Strategic Architecture at New Relic. He’s been with New Relic for over six years where he led the building of the New Relic infrastructure products, and helped New Relic architect a solid service-based system. Lee has 31 years of industry experience, and learned cloud-based, scalable systems during his seven years as a Senior Manager at, where among other things he led the creation of AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Lee is the author of the book “Architecting for Scale”, published in 2016 by O’Reilly Media.

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