Cut Your Cloud Costs: Introduction to New Relic Cloud Optimize (APAC)

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See how the New Relic Cloud Optimize Application, recently featured by ComputerWorld, can help you determine potential savings across multi-cloud environments and teams.

This simple yet powerful open-source application finds instances that are sized larger than needed, and estimates your savings. You could save thousands of dollars by simply optimizing the size of your instances.

In this technical webinar, Max Bausher, Senior Solutions Consultant (and co-creator of the app) covers:


  • The what, why and how of the New Relic programmable platform
  • How to access New Relic open source applications
  • Practical examples of the Cloud Optimize application in action


Event speakers

Headshot of Max Bausher

Max Bausher

Senior Solutions Consultant, New Relic

Max's entire professional career has been within B2B software companies creating products which catered to the Developer & DevOps communities. By working alongside countless web & mobile developers, QA engineers, and database administrators, he gained exposure to the real world problems technical teams tackle on a daily basis, and how they solve them.

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