People around the globe are making fundamental behavioural shifts in the effort to confront COVID-19. These unexpected changes are causing massive strain to infrastructure that’s run by software and technology.

Business continuity is essential during these times both for your business and every customer that relies on your technology. Ensuring that continuity means making tough choices about IT incident management, what’s impacting business, and what’s urgent to customers.

Make sure your customers can rely on your core software functions, even during massive traffic surges and uncertain volatility.

In this webinar, our Expert Services team will guide you through creating and enacting a plan for your vital business functions. You’ll learn how to:


  • Quickly identify vital services, features, and functions



  • Rapidly quantify performance and availability loss thresholds



  • Prioritize golden signals, service boundaries, and SLOs to improve MTTR



  • Measure saturation and proactively right-scale infrastructure


Event speakers

Chris Colbert headshot

Chris Colbert

Customer Success Engineer

For almost two decades, Chris has been focusing on making enterprise systems perform perfectly. What started as a summer internship in Network Ops developed into a life-long passion for Operations, spanning Military logistics, System Administration, and Enterprise Monitoring. Today he is a member of the Customer Solutions Group ensuring clients can fully understand and best leverage New Relic’s observability platform.


Andrew Faria headshot

Andrew Faria

Senior Solutions Architect

Andrew Faria has 20 years of experience in software architecture. The past 5 years have been exclusive to operationalizing observability at enterprise scale. He is currently one of the founders and lead architects in New Relic's Observability Maturity Architecture program.


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