Are you facing any of these challenges in your daily life as an IT practitioner?

  • We want to troubleshoot application problems faster in highly distributed systems

  • We are moving to the cloud and want to validate improvements while keeping costs under control

  • We need better visibility into Kubernetes 

  • We need to set up proactive alerting

  • We want to combat alert fatigue and reduce noise

  • We need better dashboards to share insights across the organization

  • We already have a lot of monitoring data but it’s hard to find the information we need.

If some or all of these challenges sound all too familiar, then watch this webinar to find out how New Relic One can help you tackle them. By the end of this webinar, you should feel confident to go further with improving your performance, reliability and scale, using New Relic One. 

This is the second of four webinars in the series: “How to tackle real world challenges with New Relic One”. You can watch it as a stand alone but it is a follow up to “Get started with improving your performance, reliability and scale webinar”. These two webinars, while leveraging the full breadth of our platform, focus a little more on backend applications, infrastructure and logging. 

If you are interested in user experience, then check out the next demo in the series “Get started with improving Digital Customer Experience”.

Each webinar lasts approx. 45 min, covers exactly five 5-8min long scenarios and demonstrates how to use New Relic One to solve them. A total of 20 scenarios based on common real-world challenges is covered during the series.