Understanding Microservice Latency for DevOps Teams: An Introduction to New Relic Distributed Tracing (APAC)

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In order to be effective, DevOps teams need to deeply understand their software environment. When there are many dependencies and relationships involved in servicing a user request, this can be a real challenge.

You need to not only measure overall system health and pinpoint problem areas, you also need to be able to trace requests across different services and where to prioritise areas for improvement, even when owned by different teams.  

Distributed tracing is designed to give DevOps teams an easy way to capture, visualise, and analyse traces through complex architectures—including architectures that use both monoliths and microservices. And, by leveraging New Relic Applied Intelligence capabilities, you can easily highlight anomalies within a trace for a faster resolution.

Watch our distributed tracing webinar featuring Josh Rhinehart, Solution Engineer, where we cover:


  • The challenges of rapid innovation in distributed systems



  • How distributed tracing can aid in your DevOps efforts



  • The key capabilities of distributed tracing along with Applied Intelligence



  • Live demo and Q&A