The code’s been written. It’s been reviewed. It’s been tested. The build has passed and it’s finally time to deploy, but will this thing actually work in production? Every team aspires to accelerate their development cycle, but increasing velocity while maintaining quality is hard.

In this webinar, New Relic’s DevOps solution experts will guide you through best practices for using instrumentation to push changes to production more frequently and with less risk.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to automate your code pipeline and easily measure the success of deploys
  • What to measure! How to track the effectiveness of your deployments and your development process overall
  • Keeping it stable! What to put on a dashboard and what to alert on when things go bad


Event speakers

Headshot of Eric Mittelhammer

Eric Mittelhammer

Solution Consultant at New Relic

As a Solution Consultant, Eric Mittelhammer helps New Relic's customers maximize the value they get from the platform by advising them on best practices, technical strategy, and via thought leadership. Prior to joining New Relic, he spent nearly two decades building software in both individual contributor and leadership roles. He has a war story from every corner of the stack, from UI through Data Platform and everything in-between. An admitted DevOps zealot; the fact that you're not deploying as fast as you could be keeps him up at night.

Tori Wieldt headshot

Tori Wieldt

Senior Solutions Manager, New Relic

Tori Wieldt is a New Relic Senior Solutions Manager (focusing on DevOps), which means she formulates messages to the market and creates assets for Sales and Marketing. She also presents at tech conferences, writes blogs and co-hosts the New Relic Modern Software podcast. She has been in the tech world as a Sys Admin (AT&T), Tech Writer (Sun Microsystems), and Community Manager (Oracle).

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