SRE-iously: Defining the Principles, Habits, and Practices of Site Reliability Engineering (APAC)

2021 Observability Forecast

No matter how you define it, the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) role is clearly expanding into more and more companies. To be effective in this new role, SREs must possess a depth of understanding of how different systems work together, how they fail, how they can be improved, and how they can best be designed and monitored.

Whether you’re still figuring out how to create a site reliability practice at your company or you’re trying to improve the processes and habits of an existing SRE team, watch New Relic’s Senior Software Engineer, Beth Long and Developer Advocator Tori Wieldt in this interactive live webinar.


Watch this interactive webinar to learn:


  • The principles and philosophy behind Site Reliability Engineers
  • How you can be a successful Site Reliability Engineer
  • What tools and processes to use
  • How we define the SRE role at New Relic


Event speakers

Beth Long headshot

Beth Long

Senior Software Engineer, New Relic

Beth Long is a software engineer with New Relic’s Tools Engineering team, where she builds and integrates New Relic’s deployment toolchain. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and glories in the rain.

Tori Wieldt headshot

Tori Wieldt

Senior Solutions Manager, New Relic

Tori Wieldt is a New Relic Senior Solutions Manager (focusing on DevOps), which means she formulates messages to the market and creates assets for Sales and Marketing. She also presents at tech conferences, writes blogs and co-hosts the New Relic Modern Software podcast. She has been in the tech world as a Sys Admin (AT&T), Tech Writer (Sun Microsystems), and Community Manager (Oracle).

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