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Q&A: Gene Kim on What’s Required to Deliver More Perfect Software

… Q&A: Gene Kim on What’s Required to Deliver More … engagement, and more. We spoke with Gene Kim , DevOps researcher and WSJ …

5 min read

Charlotte Ziems

23 DevOps Leaders to Follow Online

… Chef’s Jez Humble . Twitter: @jezhumble Gene Kim Gene Kim is co-author of The Phoenix …

10 min read

Tori Wieldt

10 DevOps 'Secrets' for Job Seekers—and Everyone Else

… be The Phoenix Project . Co-authored by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford, the … development, and more. (Listen to Gene Kim discuss The Phoenix Project and …

10 min read

Kevin Casey

DevOps for beginners: How to start your journey

… efforts. Modern Software Podcast: Gene Kim on Measuring DevOps Success . In this 2017 podcast, DevOps visionary Gene Kim dives into a number of …

8 min read

Matthew McKenzie

Please Take DORA’s Accelerate: State of DevOps Survey

… by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim—has fielded the Accelerate: State of … , by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim. The book embodies many of the …

3 min read

Jim Stoneham

What Is a Modern Software Company?

… the kind of best practices described in Gene Kim’s DevOps Handbook , and Google’s Site …

4 min read

Victor Soares

DORA's 2019 Report: 'DevOps Has Crossed the Chasm'

… Dr. Nicole Forsgren , Jez Humble , and Gene Kim —but we’ll focus on four key findings …

9 min read

Tori Wieldt

Observy McObservface Episode 3 - Firefighting and DevOps: The Platypus Incident

… and Thriving in the Age of Data , by Gene Kim came out more recently. I think The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim was the one that talked a little …

21 min read

Jonan Scheffler

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