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Nonprofit Quill Relies on the Open Source Community and New Relic to Help Students Improve…

Open source community members and a free observability platform help millions of students become stronger writers.

6 min read

Melissa Klein

Open Observability for All 

At New Relic, we believe an open source, community-driven approach is the best way to address observability challenges. Today’s announcements solidify our commitment to open obse

4 min read

Bill Staples

What Is eBPF and Why Does It Matter for Observability?

What is eBPF? Here’s everything to know about this new Linux kernel technology that’s revolutionizing observability in distributed environments.

6 min read

Lavanya Chockalingam

Enhancing New Relic Docs—the Open Source Way

New Relic documentation is now an open source docs site! Learn how we built it, how to contribute, and how to get started.

8 min read

Austin Schaefer

New Relic’s OpenTelemetry .NET Offering Reaches V1.0

New Relic is excited to announce the availability of our OpenTelemetry offerings.

6 min read

Lavanya Chockalingam

The Beginner’s Guide to Open Source, Part 4: How to Start and Grow an Open Source Projec…

From READMEs to documentation to contributor guides—here are essential tips for how to start an open source project

7 min read

Vi Tran

The Beginner’s Guide to Open Source, Part 3: 6 Tips For A Great Open Source Contribution

Here are six tips to help you make valuable, focused, and effective contributions to open source projects.

6 min read

Vi Tran

The Beginner’s Guide to Open Source, Part 2: What Makes a Great Open Source Contributor?

Learn what it takes to be a great project contributor in part two of our blog series on open source for beginners.

4 min read

Vi Tran

The Beginner’s Guide to Open Source, Part 1: How to Start Contributing to Open Source Pr…

In part one of our open source for beginnners series, we take a look at how to start making those first contributions to open source projects

10 min read

Vi Tran

Adapting Code and Culture: How New Relic Went Open Source

To become a community-friendly, open source partner, we needed to transform how we create our instrumentation. Here’s how we did it.

13 min read

Gavin Johnson

From Nonprofits to Open Source: Building Contributor-Centric Systems and Programs

Learn what nonprofits and open source projects have to teach each other about building and maintaining contributor-centric systems.

6 min read

Joel Worrall

Keeping up with Open Source Trends

Software teams are relying on open source to build increasingly complex software. Here are some open source trends we’re seeing in the developer world.

5 min read

Manasa Gogineni

The Future of Instrumentation Is Open: Introducing Open Source Agents and Projects at New …

From our open source agents to our OpenTelemetry contributions, learn more about our commitments to open source observability.

5 min read

Ramon Guiu

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