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New Relic and Trend Micro Cloud One: Better Together

Build a complete cloud observability strategy with added visibility into your cloud security and compliance with Trend Micro Cloud One - Conformity. Learn about an integration with

4 min read

Rohit Kaul

Introducing New Relic for Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate

You can now monitor Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) containers from New Relic One when you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fargate as a serverless deployment platform. A sid

3 min read

Mikel Angulo

Under the Hood of New Relic’s Lambda Extension

Learn how New Relic’s Serverless dev team integrated with AWS Lambda Extensions to reduce costs and latency.

7 min read

Matt Whelan

New Relic Snowflake Integration Boosts Observability

New Relic Snowflake integration helps you detect and resolve performance and security issues, optimize costs, and more.

6 min read

Daniel Fitzgerald

Leverage Our AWS Lambda Extensions Integration for Improved Serverless Observability

… Leverage Our AWS Lambda Extensions Integration for … Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced AWS Lambda Extensions , a new way to run …

3 min read

Nočnica Fee

Tracing the Gap: Eliminating Blind Spots with New Relic’s AWS X-Ray Integration

Learn how our AWS X-Ray integration combines with New Relic Distributed Tracing to eliminate blind spots and create a single, seamless experience.

4 min read

Nočnica Fee

Better Together: Improve Everything from Customer Experience to Security with New Relic’…

Learn about the New Relic Technology Partners that help our customers improve their customer experience, security, and DevOps.

12 min read

Tina Shen

How To Use New Relic Flex To Create Your Own Codeless Custom Integrations

Instrument any application that exposes metric data over HTTP or standard output and combine that data with your other critical telemetry in New Relic One

7 min read

Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti

10 New Cloud Integrations for AWS Monitoring with New Relic Infrastructure

… 10 New Cloud Integrations for AWS Monitoring with New Relic … of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, you need a connected … for all entities spread across your AWS hosts and serv

9 min read

Matthew Demyttenaere

Monitor Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Using the New Relic Prometheus Ope…

Use the Prometheus OpenMetrics integration to collect and send Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) metrics to the New Relic One platform.

5 min read

JF Joly

Link Your Google Cloud Platform to New Relic With a Service Account

With our latest Google Cloud Platform enhancements, teams can easily control New Relic access to their GCP project metrics by adding a service account to their GCP project.

6 min read

Helena Pujol

How to Run Custom New Relic On-Host Integrations in Containers

… can start this container with a unit file that includes your New Relic license … enable it by adding a definition file and a configuration file (both in YAML) to your host sy

9 min read

Sean P. Kane

Now Available: The New Relic Infrastructure StatsD Integration

StatsD has emerged as a popular tool for collecting and analyzing application metrics. Now you can monitor metrics sent to StatsD from New Relic Insights.

5 min read

Ali Gerrard

The New Relic Infrastructure Apache Integration Is Now Available

Apache web servers are proven and super popular, so make sure you keep them up to speed with the New Relic Infrastructure Apache integration

3 min read

Ali Gerrard

Are You Redis for This? The New Relic Infrastructure Redis Integration Is Now Available

The New Relic Infrastructure Redis Integration can help you quickly troubleshoot potentially costly connection issues—and much more.

4 min read

Ali Gerrard

Monitoring Fantasy Football Using New Relic Insights and AWS Lambda Integration

How one New Relic engineer hopes to save his fantasy football season by integrating New Relic Insights and AWS Lambda monitoring.

10 min read

Sean Winters

‘Show Me (Where I’m Spending) the Money!’ AWS Billing Comes to New Relic Insights

The New Relic AWS Billing Monitoring Integration shows what your business is spending in AWS— view this data in New Relic Insights.

11 min read

Kevin Downs

Announcing the New Relic Integration With MongoDB Cloud and Ops Manager

This is the first officially supported integration jointly developed by New Relic and MongoDB, and the first with nothing to download or install.

8 min read

New Relic

Powerful Alerting: New Relic's Integration with OpsGenie

The OpsGenie New Relic integration enables users to stay connected when they are remote or mobile. Using OpsGenie smartphone apps, users can control notifications.

5 min read

Guest Author

New Relic Integration: Pushing Status Pages to a New Level of Transparency is extremely excited to be joining the New Relic Connect program.

3 min read

Sylvia Vu

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